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2131 Sand Hill ND Traffic problems

From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2017 00:51:24 +0000 (UTC)

TRAFFIC SAFETY PROBLEMS RELATIVE TO STANFORD’S NDRE: 2131 Sand Hill Road Background:Several years ago a resident of Menlo Commons was killed inthe crosswalk  by Palo Alto Way.  Following that, an 89 pp. Safety Report wasissued; “The Berkeley Report.”  However,none of the recommendations appear to have been acted upon (see reference attached). There have been a large number of accidents just in the 4 block area ofSanta Cruz Ave. between Sand Hill Road and the junction at Alameda (at least 17documented since October 2016) in addition to the 30 collisions on Sand Hill inthe area of 2131 that were recently reported by the MPPD for the last 6 months. Residents in the area have been undertaking their own studywhich will be forwarded to the city of Menlo Park on Monday August 21.  This incorporates problems with vehicular,bicycle and pedestrian travel. It is being prepared with input from manyconstituencies including bicycle groups. There is to be a Neighborhood MeetingAugust 28 at 7 p.m. in the Oak Knoll School Gym, facilitated by TrafficEngineers from Kimley Horn.  Location:The area around the Sand Hill intersection contains severalschools and a senior center.  It iswithin the jurisdiction of both Menlo Park city and the County of San Mateo andis the main response route for MPFD.  Thesurrounding area is also the main route to several schools and the dangers areof great concern to local PTAs, School Administrations, cyclists, andresidents. Traffic:Vehicular traffic has almost doubled since the BerkeleyReport, and cycling has become much more popular.  During prime rush hours, traffic is almost atgridlock and several iterations of the lights are required to get through theintersections.  Also, “rush hour” hasbecome “rush HOURS.”  There are very fewtimes of the day when traffic is light, especially during school time. Objections to Trafficanalysis in the N.D.:It is totally disingenuous to claim that there will only be47 trips during the arbitrarily designated “rush hour” periods.  This claim was based on a comparison withother office buildings that were located in entirely distinguishable situationsand locations.   Similar claims were made during the initial HewlettFoundation Use Permit process, where it was stated that most of the employeeswould be traveling, working from home, carpooling or biking, and that theemployee cap would be 100.  None of thisseems to have transpired and Mr. Donohoe at the Planning Commission estimatedthat the present employee count was around 200. The project will have two levels of underground parkingspaces for close to 200 cars.   Mr.Donohoe stated at the Planning Commission meeting that any overflow could beaccommodated at the Hewlett Foundation.  Thus, even he is admitting that the N.D.document is totally inaccurate.  Thefollowing issues appear to have been totally neglected:·        There appears to be no discussion of theanticipated number and frequency of supplier, service and client vehicles thatcan be expected each day.·        The data concerning wait times at intersectionsis similarly suspect as anyone who has sat at the lights for multipleiterations can attest to.·        No study was done of traffic on Alpine despitethe fact that this is often the route of choice from I-280, even for vehiclestravelling to Sand Hill locations because, until recently, there was littletraffic enforcement and a higher speed limit.·        No study was done concerning the back gate tothe Hewlett foundation that exits onto Alpine and causes many safety problems dueto frequent illegal U-turns.  ·        Nothing appears to have been noted concerningcut through traffic in Sharon Heights, and especially in the region of PhilippsBrooks School. Objections to Segmenton Mass Transit:The area is NOT well served by SamTrans.  There are basically 3 routes that onlyoperate during school times, and have no relevance or use for potentialemployees at 2131.  There is not even adirect route to the train station.  It isunlikely that members of a Venture Capital firm (the proposed lessees) will bewilling to travel anywhere on slow, dirty SamTrans buses. Marguerite Shuttle: This takes a circuitous and slow routeto Hoover Tower on campus, which is unlikely to be a destination of choice forpotential lessees.  Judging by observedtraffic patterns the preferred route will be by car down either Alpine or SandHill.  Also, the Marguerite shuttle busstop opposite Safeway has no shelter and no seating arrangements, making itboth difficult and unappealing, especially during summer and winter. City Shuttle: The 200 some residents of Menlo Commons SeniorCondo Association had to petition the City for a considerable time to get theirnoon day shuttle reinstituted. Even now they have no shelter for their busstop.   CONCLUSION:The traffic data in the ND is highly flawed, incomplete,inaccurate, and not credible.  If thisproject is approved by the city, there needs to be a massive infusion ofdollars to ameliorate some of the significant safety and quality of life issuesthat this unwelcome influx of commercial traffic will bring.

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