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Art in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <Sandy>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 12:11:00 -0400

Dear City Council,
I notice that our neighboring cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View and Redwood City actively promote art activities. It seems that Menlo Park does not have a civic voice to promote art in our city. We have a beautiful performing arts center that is shared with the high school. But other than a few movies, Music in Menlo and Menlowe Ballet, I see very few other community programs. Perhaps there is a scheduling problem between the school and community, and, if there, is I hope that this can be worked out to maximize utilization of the venue.

I would also like to see more displays of public art. We have many talented artists in our town and we can display their work as well as encourage them to beautify our city. With so many building projects in the works, I hope the city can influence the developers to incorporate artists into their designs.

Since we currently do not have a place to voice our ideas and support for arts programs, I suggest the formation of an advisory committee to explore ways to bring more art activities and community participation in arts programs to Menlo Park.

Sandra Bardas
1343 Hoover St.
Menlo Park
Received on Tue Aug 15 2017 - 09:13:25 PDT

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