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Stanford traffic noise and the need for a new sound wall for the Sharon Oaks Association

From: Henry E. Lawrence <"Henry>
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 12:45:56 -0700

Stanford's robust growth has come partially at the expense of Menlo Park in
terms of noise pollution, traffic congestion, lost time in local commuting,
and deteriorated air quality. Stanford comes to Menlo Park asking the city
to approve construction projects and what does Menlo Park get in return? Not


In 2003 Stanford entered into an agreement with the City of Menlo Park to do
noise abatement in return for approval of the Sand Hill Road Santa Cruz
Avenue intersection improvements and widening the bridge of San Francisquito
Creek. The Sharon Oaks Association was covered in that agreement. However,
Stanford cleverly inveigled the City Council to agree on a 24 hour average
measurement. The noise is bi-modal, occurring between 7AM and 10 AM and 4
PM and 7PM on weekdays. By using this measurement it had the effect of
reducing the actual increase in noise by 75%.


We can correct the mistakes made in the 2003 agreement by having Stanford
live up to its obligation. I am getting readings of 66 dBA to 74 dBA in my
backyard because the sound wall is not high enough for today's traffic. It
was perfectly adequate in 2003 when the creek bridge was only 2 lanes wide
but since the revamped intersection and the widening of the creek bridge the
traffic has increase proportionately with the increase in Stanford's wealth
(Which has more than tripled since 2003 with an annual CAGR of 23.24%).


I have nothing against Stanford making money; but when in the process of
doing so it deteriorates the quality of life in Menlo Park then it must
address the harm it has caused us. To allow Stanford to continuously be
excused for the harm it has caused Menlo Park does a great disservice to the
city you are serving. I ask that the Menlo Park City Council hold Stanford
accountable and require them to cost share at 50% the cost of constructing a
new sound wall for the Sharon Oaks Association for the portion of the
Association on Sand Hill Road.


Stanford Wealth

2016 Total Net Assets (in Millions) 36,970

2003 Total Net Assets (in Millions) 12,237

Net gain in 13 years (in Millions) 24,733

Average annual growth in assets $1.902 Billion

Average weekly growth in assets $36,587,278

Average Hourly growth based on a 40 hour work week $914,681.95





Hank Lawrence

2441 Sharon Oaks Drive

Menlo Park, CA


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Received on Fri Aug 11 2017 - 12:48:26 PDT

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