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RE: We need Carports?

From: Heineck, Arlinda A <"Heineck,>
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2017 01:27:54 +0000

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I can appreciate your comments on the parking requirements for your property. I hope to provide some clarification on the requirements.

All single-family residential properties in Menlo Park are required to provide two parking spaces, one of which must be covered. You currently have a two-car garage on your property that meets this requirement. You are proposing to convert the existing garage into a second dwelling unit. This proposal represents a loss of the required parking for the main house. As such, the parking must be replaced for the main house with two parking spaces, one of which must be covered. You have the option of providing the covered space as either a garage or a carport. I would like to make clear that the requirement for the covered space is not required for the second unit, but for the main house.

You are correct that the City and State are very supportive of added housing through second dwelling units. The City has acted to reduce a number of the rules associated with building second units to open up the opportunity for more of the properties in the city to build second units. But the City has also maintained some requirements, such as parking for the main residence to limit impacts in neighborhoods. More recently, and after you submitted for a building permit, State laws changed. The City is currently researching the changes in State law to ensure that the City's requirements are in compliance with the law. If needed, the City will amend its regulations. This research will be completed shortly.

I understand that you have submitted for building permits for the garage conversion and a new carport. You provided a revised set of plans on July 3, 2017 that partially addressed needed plan changes. The City sent you a second plan check letter on July 30 reiterating comments that were not previously addressed. At this time, the City is enforcing the rules as currently contained in the Zoning Ordinance. However, if a change is made in the near future that might remove the need for the added parking, we are happy to work with you to modify your proposal and successfully complete your project.

Arlinda Heineck
Community Development Director


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From: Arnold Wilson [mailto:arnoldwilson_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Wednesday, August 2, 2017 2:10 PM
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Subject: We need Carports?

In December we submitted a plan to convert our two car separate garage to a mother-in-law unit. We are told that we need to add a 200 square foot carport to our driveway.
One, let’s all acknowledge that such rules were made to discourage such conversions, not to permit them. Yet, the state of California and the city now say they want more housing, just the sort we petition for.
Two, the idea that we need carports is absurd. In the ten years we have have lived here, we have never parked a car in our garage, and have received no complaints of uncovered cars in our driveway. If some cars in a driveway need carports, why not all?
In our case, we have two cars ourselves and have easy parking for four. My mother-in-law does not drive and will bring no car with her.
Three, Carports are ugly. I see no giant RVs parked in driveways near us. Carports are just as unsightly.
Please set aside the zoning law requiring carports asap.

Arnold Wilson
1115 Santa Cruz Ave
Received on Wed Aug 02 2017 - 18:30:32 PDT

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