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We need Carports?

From: domainremoved <Arnold>
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2017 14:10:08 -0700

In December we submitted a plan to convert our two car separate garage to a mother-in-law unit. We are told that we need to add a 200 square foot carport to our driveway.
One, let’s all acknowledge that such rules were made to discourage such conversions, not to permit them. Yet, the state of California and the city now say they want more housing, just the sort we petition for.
Two, the idea that we need carports is absurd. In the ten years we have have lived here, we have never parked a car in our garage, and have received no complaints of uncovered cars in our driveway. If some cars in a driveway need carports, why not all?
In our case, we have two cars ourselves and have easy parking for four. My mother-in-law does not drive and will bring no car with her.
Three, Carports are ugly. I see no giant RVs parked in driveways near us. Carports are just as unsightly.
Please set aside the zoning law requiring carports asap.

Arnold Wilson
1115 Santa Cruz Ave
Received on Wed Aug 02 2017 - 14:12:54 PDT

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