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From: Bob Larson <"Bob>
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2017 16:38:29 -0700

City Council, now that the installation is occurring on Oak Grove for the new Bike safety lanes and the subsequent elimination of 160 parking spaces the chaos is beginning. I'm sure all council members did their due diligence and traveled Oak Grove on a daily basis like I have for over 30 years? then you would know during the school year that at 3:00 PM the street is grid locked with cars because all the schools basically end at the same time but I'm sure you knew that? I walked the entire street route from MA handing out flyers regarding the project only 2 business owners new about it? and stated that they would never have signed leases if they knew they would lose their street parking. I have people asking me every day if they can use my lot or rent spaces its obvious we will have to hire security since people are already illegally parking. last week on consecutive days I drove to Menlo Park _at_(domainremoved)

I'm sure the council is very aware that the people who use the curbside parking are mostly seniors trying to run errands and the people I have talked to have no idea what's transpiring on Oak Grove that’s because the city does such a great job on out-reach my dine in sales are down more the 15% because my customers cannot access me because of the construction on El Camino? I only have one question where will the 160 cars that occupy those spaces go? residential? in the name of kids safety the council has de-valued property owners on the West side of Oak Grove since we are not part of the parking district we cant even buy parking passes? so you take away our street parking and provide nothing in return? I for one cannot wait until you start towing cars and giving tickets this absolute short sighted decision will have major ramifications not only for the residents and business owners of Oak Grove Ave but for all the council members who supported this impending disaster and their subsequent re-election since opposition groups are already being formed.

Bob Larson
Property Owner/Business Owner
Round Table Pizza
1225 El Camino Real
Larson building
640 Oak Grove Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Mon Jul 31 2017 - 16:41:13 PDT

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