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Facebook development, etc

From: domainremoved <Kristen>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2017 10:06:09 -0700

Hello! Below is an article about the proposed facebook development that makes a LOT of important points about housing in Menlo Park. I grew up here and am a teacher at Nativity. By luck, I found an apartment where the landlords keep the rent a little below market rate so I am barely able to continue to afford to live here. I am all for development, but if we're going to have development like this, we're going to need to protect renters, who contribute to Menlo Park from being priced out by new high paid employees. And that doesn't even address the fact that I will not own a home here until my number is up to buy low income housing. And some of the low income housing as got to go in on the west side of Menlo. Especially as a teacher, I don't want my kids to have to go to terrible Ravenswood schools because I can't get a place on the west side, even though I'm going through all the available channels to have a great life in Menlo Park, where I grew up and have put in years of service (volunteering and teaching locally and on the Library Commission) and enjoyment.

Thank you for keeping people like me in mind while you plan for our city's future!
Kristen Leep


PS Thank you for accepting Mr Arillaga's library gift, and your continued commitment to the new Belle Haven Library!

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