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Santa Cruz Avenue Corridor Study - Safe Routes Concerns/Considerations

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2017 14:25:23 -0700

Dear SMC Board of Supervisors and Others,

As Founder and Chair of Parents for Safe Routes, a Menlo Park-based
advocacy group committed to getting kids to school safely, I have been
closely following the Santa Cruz Avenue Corridor Study. Regarding the
Kimley Horn Scope of Work (attached), I'm left wondering...*What problem is
this study solving for?*

It appears from the Kimley Horn document that the problem being studied is
how to move cars and bicycles more safely down Santa Cruz Avenue. While
that is indeed a problem worthy of study, this project must also address
(and even prioritize) *pedestrian access* along the corridor, *within and
beyond the area currently in the Scope of Work*.

Many children that attend La Entrada Middle School on Sharon Road, must
travel along and cross Santa Cruz Avenue/Alameda de las Pulgas to get to
and home from school. Instead of walking and biking, due to the extremely
dangerous conditions along this corridor, these children are mostly driven
a few blocks to school. Even walking to school bus stops (for not only La
Entrada and Las Lomitas, but M-A High School), can be a perilous

Much lip service is paid to Safe Routes to Schools and a county-wide
commitment to Complete Streets. According to p. 25 of the C/CAG Countywide
Transportation Plan approved in March of this year (http://ccag.ca.gov/wp-
content/uploads/2014/05/SMCTP-2040-Final-Draft_March-2017.pdf), the vision
outlined is "*A San Mateo County transportation system that is safe and
convenient for all people whether travelling on foot, by bicycle, via
public transportation, or in an automobile, to reach places they wish to
go, [with the goal to] integrate transportation and land use plans and
decisions in support of a more livable and sustainable San Mateo County.*"
Polices and plans with the best of intentions are meaningless if they are
ignored when action is required.

Decisions made today about the Santa Cruz Corridor will impact generations
of multi modal users. From a Safe Routes perspective, the following areas
of concerned must be addressed for this study to be worthwhile:



Existing pedestrian/bicycle crossing on Santa Cruz at Sand Hill Road

Speed and volume of cars. Design. Interaction of users.

Existing pedestrian crossing on Santa Cruz at Palo Alto Way

Speed and volume of cars. # of lanes of traffic. Poor visibility. Where
cars stop vis-a-vis crosswalks.

Palo Alto Way between Santa Cruz and Vine Street

Pedestrians and cyclists compete for space. No sidewalks, children walk in

Intersection of Alameda de las Pulgas and Santa Cruz Avenue

Design. Interaction of users.

Intersection of Alameda de las Pulgas and Sharon Road

Signal timing. Interaction of users.

Existing crossing of Santa Cruz Avenue between Oakdell and Sharon Road

Speed and volume of cars. False sense of security with existing light up

Santa Cruz Avenue between Sand Hill Road and Avy.

Dangerous walking and biking conditions.

Alameda de las Pulgas between Santa Cruz Avenue and Avy.

Dangerous walking and biking conditions.

Sharon Road between Santa Cruz Avenue and Altshul*

Pedestrians and cyclists compete for space to travel against parents and
buses driving to school. Situation worse after rain (puddles). No
sidewalks, children walk in street or in dirt on side of road.

Overgrown shrubbery/uneven pavement through neighborhood and on Santa Cruz,
Alameda de las Pulgas and Sharon Road

Pushes walkers and bikers into street.
*Cooperation with the City of Menlo Park, along the City's stretch of
Sharon Road is necessary.

While it is appreciated that the Board of Supervisors has allocated
resources to study this area, a study that misses key issues, is
unacceptable. Furthermore, it is also important to consider the needs of
other key stakeholders along the corridor, especially vulnerable
pedestrians like those in Menlo Commons that must walk on non ADA compliant
sidewalks. This area must be designed for all from 8 to 80 - and beyond.

Please clarify the problem being addressed in this study, and if it does
not include pedestrian access and cycling to/from school (which is not
currently in the Kimley Horn document), please suspend this study until the
scope is expanded.

*Jen Wolosin*
Parents for Safe Routes

Received on Sun Jul 09 2017 - 14:28:44 PDT

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