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Poor Bike Lane Design for Haven Avenue

From: domainremoved <Andrew>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 14:01:51 -0700

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members and Senior Staff,

The planned Haven Avenue Streetscape Improvements (Item I3 on your June 20
agenda http://www.menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/View/14882) will greatly
improve conditions for people walking by constructing curbs and sidewalks
on both sides of the street.

However, the proposed design for bike lanes on this section of Haven Avenue
(nearest to Marsh Road) is quite poor (see attached image). With the
removal of parallel vehicle parking from this section, there is plenty of
space for wide, buffered bike lanes but the current design includes only
very narrow (5 feet) bike lanes - or no bike lanes at all.

In the westbound direction, there is no bike lane from Marsh Road until
just before the first 90-degree corner, only a 4-foot wide shoulder stripe.
This is next to a very wide travel lane up to 23 feet wide, which will
encourage speeding. A wide buffered bike lane could be installed here. Then
after the 90-degree corner there are no bike lanes at all in either
direction, leaving a one-block gap in bike lanes when there is plenty of
space to install bike lanes on both sides of the street. The bike lanes
that do exist around the corner are only 5 feet wide, next to travel lanes
that range in width from 12 to 15 feet. These travel lanes can and should
only be 11 feet wide, both to discourage speeding and to provide wider bike

Please provide a better design that includes *continuous and wide bike
lanes* on all of Haven Avenue as part of this streetscape project.

Also, the crosswalks at the intersection of Haven Avenue and March Road are
shown as standard crosswalks, when high-visibility (zebra stripe)
crosswalks can and should be installed.

 - Andrew Boone

(image/png attachment: Haven_Avenue_Narrow_Bike_Lanes.png)

Received on Tue Jun 20 2017 - 14:05:43 PDT

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