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MidPen's 1300 Willow Rd Redevelopment Proposal - perspective from a Belle Haven resident

From: domainremoved <Rachael>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2017 07:09:32 -0700

Dear Council members, Housing & Planning Commissioners,

I'm looking forward to this evenings study session of the 1300 Willow
project because lots of robust information has been shared with me, a
resident of Belle Haven, so I hope that the following information will be
considered during the session:

The over-arching concern is a lack of consistency with our neighborhood
appearance & hosting of BMR housing. The 1300 Willow proposal of 4-stories
is yet another example of lack of privacy, reduction in home values, and
increase in density; all of which BH residents feel continually affect our
community more-so than the west-side and is further exacerbated by the
offer of increased BMR housing. After attending the Housing Commission
meeting, in which 9 BH residents were also in attendance, and co-hosting a
meeting with Mid-Pen in my home last week with another 8 BH residents, the
following proposed suggestions have been consistently agreed up within the
Carlton community:

1. Flat roof vs. slated since the roof on 1200 Willow adds an entire extra
floor (as per Mid-Pen comment)
2. Must the spaces include a balcony? What are the requirements of window
3. No more than 3 stories & as close to Willow as possible - consistency in
same # of stories as 1200 Willow, as far from homes as possible
4. The proposed buildings that jet out (in darker yellow) towards resident
homes (referred to as common space by Mid-Pen) must be reduced in height to
no more than 2 floors since they are closer to residents than the
apartments. So far, none of the designs reflect what the line of sight
will be from these areas in to backyards.
5. Trees - must include how to increase privacy!
6. Leveling of land - this feature has not yet been calculated by Mid-Pen,
but it is acknowledged that the 1200 building was developed by sloping
towards Willow, which means that the tallest side is facing neighbors.
This is a FEMA expectation, but it affects the building height on the
neighborhood, which is another reason why the building needs to be reduced
in height to no greater than 3 stories.

It is my hope that you hear from more BH residents, but if not, this does
not reflect a lack of care; but instead the overwhelming sense that *Belle
Haven continues to be neglected, so why bother to get involved*?
Therefore, you all - Council, Housing, and Planning - have the opportunity
to implement changes that you know residents desire, in order to show Belle
Haven that you are listening.

Looking forward to hearing your comments tonight.


Rachael Kaci
1356 Carlton Ave
650 703-3612 cell
Received on Tue Jun 20 2017 - 07:13:16 PDT

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