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Haven Avenue Streetscape Improvements

From: domainremoved <Matthew>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 12:02:29 -0700

Honorable Councilmembers,

    I would like to comment on Consent Calendar Item I3
<http://www.menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/View/14882>, the Haven Avenue
Streetscape Improvements.

I am very pleased that Menlo Park is improving the bicycle facilities on
Haven Avenue and removing parking in order to do so. This is a key
connection from Menlo Park to Redwood City and also provides much needed
bike access for residents of the new apartments in the area.

However, I would like to point out the design of the bike lanes is not
nearly as good as it should be:

   1. In the section of Haven that connects to Marsh Road, there are no
   bike lanes at all in the northbound direction. There is only a 4' striped
   shoulder. This is despite the fact that the travel lanes are a 17' wide
   (up to 23' wide). There is plenty of room for a 6' bike lane on this
   section, and redirecting bikes onto the sidewalk is not an acceptable
   alternative. Cyclists will continue to use the roadway in the narrow 4'
   striped shoulder.
   2. Where there are bike lanes, the lanes are only 5' wide, even though
   the travel lanes are 12' wide. An 11' travel lane is very sufficient,
   which would leave room for a 6' bike lane (the normal recommended width).
   Given that the gutter is 2' wide, a 5' bike lane only leaves 3' of asphalt
   to ride on, which is not enough. Narrower travel lanes will also tend to
   reduce vehicle speeds.

I ask that the council approve the removal of parking, but direct staff to
review the bike lane striping to get more input from the cycling community
before implementing the project. Changing the width of the bike lanes
should not impact the cost of the project, and it will result in a 10x
safer and more usable result. Thank you,

        --Matthew Self

(Note: I am the chair of Redwood City's Complete Streets Advisory
Committee, but since the committee has not discussed this topic, my
comments are as an individual resident.)

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Received on Mon Jun 19 2017 - 12:06:38 PDT

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