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Garbage left on the street (2 sofas)

From: domainremoved <Ross>
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 10:25:12 -0700

Dear city council members,

I live on Curtis Way, off Roble Ave in Menlo Park. It appears to be common
practice that residents often leave unwanted items (that often look like
garbage) on the sidewalk on Roble Ave.

I appreciate that most of the time this is done in good faith with the
intention that another resident will pick up and re-use these unwanted

However, people often leave items that nobody picks up and they just sit
Many items put there really look like garbage in the first place.

For example, right now, 2 sofas have been abandoned on Roble Ave and they
have been there for more than 6 weeks.

I suspect the people that left these have left town and they left the sofas
there so that they did not have to deal with disposal themselves. This is
essentially illegal dumping and it is extremely unsightly. This also
encourages a culture where residents clearly think it's ok just to dump
their trash on the street so that the 'garbage fairy' will magically remove

Can the city please have these unsightly goods removed from the street?
Also, what is the city's policy regarding people leaving their junk on the

I feel that it would be of benefit to send a letter to residents informing
us of current rules in relation to leaving items on the street/illegal

Thank you.
Received on Mon Jun 19 2017 - 10:28:59 PDT

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