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In favor of DENYING the Heritage Tree Appeal from 308 Pope Street: June 6th meeting

From: domainremoved <Sally>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2017 18:02:06 -0700

Hello, City Council members,

I am writing to ask that you DENY the appeal from 308 Pope Street regarding the Redwood Heritage tree that they want to remove from their property.

I have attended many meetings of the Menlo Park Environmental Commission over the past few years, and heard many debates over the removal of heritage trees in Menlo Park. Sometimes, these decisions are close calls. Saving the tree at 308 Pope Street was not one of them.

The trees are in good shape. The property owner’s arborist made sweeping claims about the dangers that the tree posed without substantiation. The property owner said she feared for her safety but the next door neighbor, who has children and whose property the tree mostly looks over, said that the owner had never alerted her to the fact that the tree posed any sort of safety hazard.

The Commission debated all the points thoughtfully and without bias. They listened to all sides and asked a lot of follow up questions. I truly believe that they arrived at the right decision, based on expert opinions and physical evidence, and in accordance with the City’s Heritage Tree Ordinance, and I hope you will support their decision.

Sally Cole
1235 Santa Cruz Avenue

Received on Mon Jun 05 2017 - 18:06:12 PDT

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