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Thank you!

From: domainremoved <Kate>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2017 20:42:41 -0700

Hello City Council Members,

I wanted to express gratitude for the new pedestrian crosswalk sign that
was recently installed at the intersection of Blake Street and Middle
Avenue near Nealon Park. I had a very close call while crossing the street
there with my two young children last year due to a reckless driver not
paying attention and swerving around cars that had stopped for us to cross.
I think that the new sign makes a big difference in alerting drivers to the
fact that there is a cross walk there. I cross there all the time to go to
the park and have already noticed that many more people are willing to stop
and let me cross. Before the sign went up, it was often hard to get people
to even stop because they just didn't notice there was a cross walk there.
I really appreciate the improvement!

Allied Arts resident
Received on Sun Jun 04 2017 - 20:46:51 PDT

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