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Safe City

From: domainremoved <LOUISE>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2017 22:51:27 +0000 (UTC)

Iapplaud Peter Ohtaki for his considered approach to the Safe City question.Regardless of what the State of California’s legislature passes, doesn’tfederal law preempt state law? We could stand to lose federal money beyond whatyou are considering ($70,000 from Homeland Security).Our Menlo Park Council has taken previous actions regarding treatment ofpeople who have immigrated illegally. There’s no question they should betreated well, but not deferentially. The laws that apply to documented citizens,also apply to undocumented.On Jan. 24, the council unanimously passed a resolution saying Menlo Park iscommitted to a "diverse, supportive, inclusive and protective" community.I’m hoping the same protection offered undocumented workers also applies to therest of the community. There may be cause for ICE and/or our police to questionor investigate an undocumented party and that investigation or questioningcould prevent harm. Under the ordinance, which is scheduled to return to the council for finalapproval on June 20, Menlo Park police will not comply with ICE requests tohold someone beyond the time that person would otherwise be held. However,exceptions could be made for persons already convicted of a felony that isserious, violent or punishable by a year in state prison, or who have beenconvicted of a crime that is listed in the California Government Code 7282.5,such as a felony DUI. What about the undocumented person who might cause harm before committing afelony? If there’s reasonable cause to suspect a person might inflict harm,should not our police department cooperate with ICE?Thank you for the long hours you put in.Louise DeDera   Menlo Park, CA
Received on Thu Jun 01 2017 - 15:55:41 PDT

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