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supporting Sylvia Smullin for Complete Streets

From: domainremoved <Katie>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2017 17:28:39 -0700

Dear City Council,

I just learned that we have another vacancy on the Complete Streets
Commission and I'd like to speak up on behalf of one of the candidates, Sylvia
Smullin <https://www.linkedin.com/in/sylvia-smullin-730b8a2/>.

By temperament alone, Sylvia would be a terrific commissioner. She is
focused, articulate, calm, serious, thoughtful, and invariably does her

She is a dedicated user of multi-modal transportation. She commutes by bike
and train, using Zipcar for longer trips. In the community, she volunteers
at energizer stations on Bike to Work day and gives donated items new life
in Palo Alto's Repair Cafe.

Professionally, Sylvia is a force, deploying her fierce intellect and
engineering/physics training to solve complex global problems. Sylvia has
led research projects in the Energy Systems group at PARC and led the Data
Science for Sustainability Meetup group. She is most recently a valued
member of the Rapid Eval team at X, the moonshot factory of Alphabet.

When I think about what Sylvia would contribute to our commission, I'm most
excited about her ability to look at a whole system and understand how the
moving parts interconnect. The premise of Complete Streets depends on the
work of systems thinkers, and yet they are in surprisingly short supply.
All too often we fall victim to promoting our pet projects while failing to
consider their relevance to the bigger picture.

Sylvia understands transportation ecosystems–the science behind them, the
possibility of unintended consequences, and the diverse and equally
compelling needs of various citizens.

As we support the development of the Transportation Master Plan and start
to evaluate other huge projects, we could really use her analytical rigor,
problem-solving ability, big picture mindset, and her genuine passion for
modern mobility. I hope that you will agree.

Thank you!


PS: Here's a blog she wrote while at PARC that speaks to her approach to
transportation-related challenges:

Katie Behroozi
650.804.1812 (cell)
Received on Tue May 23 2017 - 17:33:52 PDT

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