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Support for Sanctuary City

From: domainremoved <Andrea>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2017 19:57:44 +0000

Dear City Council,

     I am a resident of Menlo Park on Windermere Ave., a public school
teacher, and the Human Rights Chair for California Teachers Association's
Santa Clara County Service Center. I urge all of you to strongly support
making Menlo Park a sanctuary city.
     As a public school teacher, I see the negative ripple effect of
deportation raids. Students have requested letters about how losing their
parents to deportation would negatively impact them. Students regularly ask
if they need to pack their bags. Students regularly ask what to do if ICE
shows up at their door. I now take to having the ACLU's guide readily
available for students to take. Students, kids, should not have to add an
increased fear of police and other agencies to the issues they must deal
    Menlo Park must stand with other cities and the leadership of the state
of California and pass a sanctuary city resolution. Stand on the right side
of history.

Thank you,
Andrea Reyna

Andrea Reyna
San José Teachers Association Executive Board
Human Rights Contact for Santa Clara County Service Center
California Teachers Association State Council
CTA Liaison to the California Reading Association
Received on Tue May 23 2017 - 13:02:21 PDT

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