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Re: School House Rocks Run

From: domainremoved <Susannah>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2017 04:00:39 +0000

Love it!

On Mon, May 22, 2017 at 8:58 PM Scott Marshall <

> Hello Menlo Park City Council,
> Wow, what a fun event that the Schoolhouse Rocks 5K Run was!
> I am a member of the Menlo Park Atherton Education Foundation and I also
> was a volunteer who helped direct runners into the finish line during last
> Sunday’s Schoolhouse Rocks 5K run. This position had to have been one the
> best volunteer spots on the entire course. I saw runners, I saw toddlers in
> strollers, and I saw entire families. Mostly what I saw were people with
> smiles on their faces! Of course many people were smiling because they were
> just a few yards away from finishing but then after crossing the finish
> line their smiles doubled in size.
> I spoke with many of the participants afterwards and all of them liked the
> new larger single loop around the Menlo Park neighborhood. They liked the
> long open start heading toward the edge of downtown, I also heard comments
> about how it was great to have the second half of the run in beautiful
> shady neighborhood of West Menlo Park. Lastly, rounding the corner of Bay
> Laurel put them on the straight away of Olive Street where they could see
> the edge of school and the location of the finish line directly ahead.
> The popularity of this run has grown in the last couple of years since the
> Foundation started hosting this fund-raising event for the Menlo Park City
> School District. It was suggested by the Menlo Park Police Department that
> the course be changed to accommodate the growing number of participants. So
> this year, the route was relocated and the size of the course increased to
> do away with the need to have a double loop for the 5K run. The Foundation
> coordinated with the Menlo Park Police department and a race/timing
> contractor to make this run successful.
> The Foundation enjoys hosting this great community event for neighbors,
> families, students, and athletes of Menlo Park and I am confident that the
> Foundation is looking forward to taking what we have learned this year and
> improving on next year’s Schoolhouse Rock 5K.
> Thank you,
> Scott Marshall

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