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'Sanctuary city' proposal

From: domainremoved <Nicholas>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2017 09:54:39 -0400

Please do not make Menlo Park a 'Sanctuary City'. Menlo Park can promote
itself as a welcoming, compassionate, and loving community without stating
that those ideals extend to lawbreakers.


The 'sanctuarysliliconvalley.org' proponents say that they want to "embrace
inclusion in our community" and that is a good goal, but that should not
mean that Menlo Park wants to welcome lawbreakers.


'Sanctuary city' proponents mistakenly confusion 'immigrants' with border
jumpers. Our nation is a nation of immigrants and has been since its
inception. Generations of immigrants have gone through a process that
included having a sponsor, showing proof of gainful employment, studying our
history and form of government, and learning the English language.


Immigrants are still waiting in line as part of this process, but the border
jumpers, those who come here illegally, have shown no respect for those that
they cut ahead of in line, or for the laws of our country. Many people know
someone that is here illegally that may have many good personal qualities,
and that can instill a feeling of compassion for them, but those feelings do
not change the fact that their presence here illegally has taken the place
of another good person that would be here legally.


'Sanctuary city' proponents argue that people here illegally fear getting in
trouble with the law. That is as it should be; law breakers should fear
getting in trouble with the law, regardless of which law they break. The
proposed 'Sanctuary city' policy will have exactly the opposite effect of
sending a loud and clear message to law breakers that they are welcome and
Menlo Park does not care if they follow our laws and they have nothing to
fear when breaking our laws.


We have seen tragic consequences of this 'look the other way Sanctuary city'
policy as close as San Francisco where citizen Kate Steinle was shot and
killed by an illegal alien, a repeat border jumper, when authorities there
did not insist on cooperation with our immigration laws.


The 'Sanctuary city' idea is wrong-headed and misplaced compassion. It
confuses immigration with border jumping. Menlo Park can promote itself as
a welcoming, compassionate, and loving community without stating that those
ideals extend to lawbreakers.



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Received on Mon May 22 2017 - 06:59:15 PDT

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