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Sanctuary and Oak Grove considerations tonight

From: domainremoved <Sidney>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 04:09:39 +0000 (UTC)

 Menlo Park City Councilmembers,
We urge caution and careful thinking as you consider both the Sanctuary proposal and the Oak Grove bicycle proposal this evening.
Regarding the Sanctuary proposal:  We have great empathy and compassion for people who have risked everything to come to the US (or who were brought here by their parents), but the fact of the matter is that our country has Federal immigration laws and we do not believe our small City should be in the business of making decisions to flout the laws.  Have there been records of ICE targeting citizens of Menlo Park ?  Has our city had a record of proactively turning citizens over to ICE ?  If not, we wonder why this proposal.  What does being a Sanctuary City really mean ?  Does it mean that anybody can live here and the City may under no circumstances report them to ICE ?  Does it make sense to restrict our city this way ?  We believe Menlo Park to be a safe and welcoming place and wish it to continue to be so for all people.  That said, we do not feel comfortable inviting Federal scrutiny by enacting this proposal.  I understand from earlier comments that the MP police department is already very careful to treat our citizens fairly and compassionately in this area. 
Regarding the Oak Grove bicycle proposal:  We support bicycle commuting to/from school (all 3 of our children bike 2 miles to/from school every day), but there is already a very clear and effective bike lane both directions on Ravenswood between Middlefield and El Camino (with the tricky part being between Alma and El Camino).  We instruct our children to activate the lighted cross-walk at Alma and to walk across Ravenswood.  Our children resume their bike trip in the parking lot behind the buildings that line El Camino and cross at Middle Avenue.  If anything, you could institute a painted bike lane along the section of Middle Avenue between El Camino and University -- that would be very inexpensive and really help !  There has to be balance and respect between the biking community and the driving community.  Perhaps there is a way to compromise on Oak Grove:  there could be a paint-only bike lane on Oak Grove (don't remove parking), or maybe parking restrictions on Oak Grove only during short window of school commute hours in the morning/afternoons.  We are bikers, but we are also drivers and believe there needs to be compromise on both sides as we move towards solutions that can encourage more biking to/from the schools without ruining parking for the Oak Grove residents and Nativity school/church.  A recommendation that completely ignores the needs of one group in favor of the other is not much of a solution.
On another note, the bike lanes and new sidewalks along Santa Cruz Aveue have been fantastic !
With appreciation for your service to the community,
Sidney & Doug Marks628 Olive Street, Menlo Park
Received on Tue Apr 18 2017 - 21:15:02 PDT

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