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1. Sanctuary city and 2. hazardous parking

From: domainremoved <Joan>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 13:38:48 -0700

To the Menlo Park City Council,

1. I noted from the Palo Alto Daily News, Friday, April 14th, that the
council is considering some form of Sanctuary City status. I am extremely
wary of what even such a statement implies, legally. As I understand
things, local law enforcement authorities are not obligated to join in
federal actions. Perhaps there are circumstances where some such
obligation exists. Would a "Sanctuary City" designation mean that we would
always refuse to collaborate with police in (a) searching for illegal
aliens? (b) handing them to federal authorities when illegal status is
clear? The devil is in the details.

 I am NOT in favor of devoting police resources to a search for illegal
aliens. However, I am concerned that a declaration of what we WON'T EVER do
would hamstring us in unanticipated ways. Of course, I am selfishly
concerned about loss of federal funds. I can't attend Tuesday meetings
because I have a weekly rehearsal commitment.

 This is a smart community. Please be smart about what you do.

2, Please have your traffic and parking people address a relatively small
matter. The parking spaces behind Walgreen's on Santa Cruz are of haphazard
size. Most barely accommodate a compact car but are not so marked. The
lane between them is narrow, so when SUVS stick out opposite each other,
there is barely room to proceed. Worst of all, more and more delivery and
pickup trucks are in these spaces, so that it is difficult to see when one
is backing up. I know of fender-benders that have happened in this lot
because of this situation. Menlo Park has spent heaven know how many
man-weeks revising streets downtown. It couldn't take more than a day to
paint "compact" on some parking spaces. But this would have to be followed
up by issuing tickets.

Joan Skurnick 650-473-9263
365 Hermosa Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Received on Tue Apr 18 2017 - 13:44:06 PDT

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