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Bus‘s, US Postal Service, the ADA Office of Compliance and OakGrove

From: domainremoved <BreakeyLK_at_>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 21:59:37 -0400

All of the subjects above were not included in the Report on the Proposed
Bike Boulevard on Oakgrove.
1: Bus’s: There is a bus stop for 4 separate bus lines on Oak Grove at
the corner of Oakgrove and Laurel. The buses stop quite frequently in the
morning, between 7 :00 and 9:00 and in the afternoon between 2:00 and 5:00,
They run 7 days a week with some of the lines turning right on Laurel and the
rest turning on Middlefield. There will not be enough room on Oakgrove
to have a lane for the buses and a separate bike lane and a lane for cars.
Consequently children going east of El Camino in the morning to Menlo
Atherton and those going east from Hillview in the afternoon will find themselves
having to watch for buses needing to swerve in and out of the bus stop and
they will have to wait behind the bus as it loads and unloads passengers
for several minutes. It is also a stop for the Marguerite and the Senior
Citizens van. There is also a 5 lines bus stop on the north side of Laurel at
the corner of Oakgrove and Laurel.
2: US Postal Service: There are two large apartment complexes extending
from the corner of Oakgrove and Laurel along Oakgrove west to Merrill and
there is a large condo complex on the South side of Oakgrove in the middle
of Oakgrove, 450 Oakgrove, from Laurel to Mills. There is no mention of
discussion with the postal service of what might happen if the mail trucks
cannot stop in front of these complexes’ to deliver mail.
3. ADA Office of Compliance: There is no mention of a review by the O
ffice of Compliance for the American Disabilities Act for this area even though
the plan would limit if not entirely eradicate the ability of residents
who are disabled or frail elders from accessing street level parking . Cars
or vans for disabled or elders would not even be able to stop to pick them
up for medical appointments and groceries.
Other missing information:
There are also some startling discrepancies between the report of the
proposed trial bike boulevard and the presentation at Nativity School. Those
of us in attendance at Nativity were told that parking would be removed
east of El Camino 24/7, except for possibly parking on the north side of
Oakgrove from Laurel to Mills and that rubber stanchions would be placed so
that cars could not stop in the bike lane. The report did not mention the
rubber stanchions and stated that there would be no exceptions for parking
except for Nativity events , of which there are at least 10 to 15 a year.
There are no statistics on just how many children east of El Camino attend
Menlo Atherton and how many children live in the section east of El Camino
bordered by Ravenswood , Middlefield and Encinal who attend Hillview.
A good plan needs thorough research and in depth information. I ask that
the Council request the missing information and clarification on the postal
service, the bus stops and the ADA. . I think the concern of a number of
residents could be answered by a complete report on exactly what is the
actual plan for Oakgrove going east from El Camino to Middlefield.
Lisa Breakey, Condo Owner, 1150 Pine Street
Received on Mon Apr 17 2017 - 19:04:59 PDT

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