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Oak Grove safe routes bicycle project

From: domainremoved <Bill>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2017 11:28:14 -0700

To Honorable City Council members:

I asked City Staff to confirm Nativity School's use permit regarding
pick up/drop off and special events parking. The items below my
salutation were relayed to me by City Staff.

It appears that Nativity has been acting in violation of their use
permit by allowing parents to park on Oak Grove (i.e. off site) for
pick- up and drop- off, and by allowing the same for special events. It
also appears that City Council has allowed a few parents, acting in
violation of their school's use permit, to derail the timing, and
possible configuration, of the Oak Grove safe routes project.

I am also troubled by additional outreach to "impacted" constituents
that does not include the thousand or so families of children that ride
bicycles to school in dangerous conditions daily, or to the many other
adults using bicycles for shopping and transportation around our city.

We need to decide as a City whether we will take seriously the safety of
our children riding bicycles to school, the state law requiring Complete
Streets planning and implementation, and the goals of Vision Zero.

I look forward to the direction City Council chooses in tomorrow night's


Bill Kirsch

*·**2006: ***

*o**Nativity shall continue to communicate in writing the circulation
plan for pick-up and drop-off to parents (and pickup/ dropoff only in
the designated loading and unloading zones as specified in plans). *


*o**Other indicated events should be accommodated on-site using the
Staff Lot, Oak Grove Lot, and AC playground/ event parking area.*


*·**2014: Per letter school in as part of the application material from
1/27/2014 hearing, “if a parent finds it necessary to park they will do
so inside the Parking Lot.”*


Received on Mon Apr 17 2017 - 11:33:37 PDT

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