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Oak Grove Bike Pilot

From: domainremoved <Bette>
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2017 17:10:39 -0700

Dear Councilmembers,

 My name is Bette Bohler. My husband and I purchased our home at 1145 Pine Street in September of 1982 and have lived here ever since. I spoke at the December 6th Council Meeting as a home owner and resident of the impacted neighborhood so I will not take up any more of your time on Tuesday but I do want to reiterate the position of many of us who live here.

 While I appreciate that students need safe access to their education, I question whether it need to be at the expense of the majority of the population 24/7.

 Part of the people impacted that were mentioned at the December meeting, but not represented, are the service providers to those of us in these neighborhoods. We have gardeners, house cleaners, plumbers, repair people, arborist, etc - people trying to earn a decent wage that we are trying to help provide, and they cannot put mowers on the back of a bicycle and transport them from East Palo Alto, Redwood City or Fremont. If they have to extend the time they require to service us because they can’t find a place to park where does this lead?

 Regarding the side streets, my husband Robin McGlohn collected signatures from the people on Pine Street a decade ago to ask the City to make Pine Street one side only parking for safety reason. The City turned the request down. This past summer I observed a Menlo Park Fire truck responding to a 911 call at 1143 Pine Street. It was unable to get to the residence because of parked cars and had to back out on to Oak Grove, go to Laurel, then Cherry to get back on to Pine Street. If that had been your loved one suffering a stroke how would you feel? This situation would only be exasperated if parking on Oak Grove was eliminated.

 The Parents for Safe Routes, as a vocal, well intentioned minority are, in my observation, proposing a “If we build it they will come.” project. I walk from Pine Street to Nativity Church for Mass Monday through Friday. I leave the house at 7:20 and return from Nativity at 8. If I see four bicyclists it’s a red-letter day (and at least two of those are adult males). I pass many more M-A students walking to school. I know that Nativity School parents conducted a multi-day head count that I assume you have. I also know that M-A students are parked past the Monastery and that there are days when special events parking reaches from Middlefield to Laurel.

 In the two Council meetings I have attended I did not see anyone in the Parents for Safe Routes or in the Menlo Park Transportation personnel over the age of 50 (ok 45 or 40?). Those of us over a certain age are a good sized portion of the population, which has not been represented very well in this discussion. Also not represented are the apartments on Pine Street which only provide one parking space per unit with the second cars being parked overnight on Pine Street. There are a lot of constituencies out there.

 Thank you for your consideration in this matter and I hope for a well thought out win-win outcome.


 Bette Bohler

1145 Pine Street

650 346-5057

Received on Sat Apr 15 2017 - 17:16:02 PDT

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