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observations re: Oak Grove bike lane pilot

From: domainremoved <Sylvia>
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2017 11:09:14 -0700

To city.council_at_(domainremoved)

To members of the City Council,

Yesterday I observed the situation during morning drop-off at Nativity
school, to learn more about the impact of a bike lane trial. I saw:

1. Parents either parked on Laurel St, mostly on the northwest side of the
intersection, or drove into the parking lot off of Oak Grove Ave. In the
parking lot, some of them either dropped kids off at the curb or parked

2. The parking lot at Nativity School was not full. The bulb out area on
Oak Grove was not full.

3. The parking spots on the southeast side of Laurel on the southeast side
of the intersection (ie like at 1165 Laurel St) were mostly unused.

From what I have heard, an objection to bike lanes is that that they will
result in a removal of parking spots used by Nativity school. From what I
saw, Oak Grove is not used for normal school drop off / pickup. Bike lanes
will not be taking any thing away here.

What I *did* see along Oak Grove: kids, with and without parents, biking to
school. Older kids biked on the sidewalks and on the road. I saw younger
kids biking on the sidewalks while their parent biked alongside in the

In contrast, on Laurel St, I see little kids and parents biking all the
time in the bike lane (not on the sidewalk).

When kids bike on sidewalks, those kids are safer than they would be in the
street. However, biking on sidewalks isn't great for pedestrians. The use
of sidewalks for bikes indicates that this is an important route that needs
better protection *for cyclists* on the road.

Thinking further:
There are a couple of things happening here that I ask you, as our
community leaders, to keep in mind:

1. As humans, we all have loss aversion. (See Daniel Kahneman's work). Of
course the people who think they are going to *lose* something are going to
shout louder than the people who have something to gain. Please remember
this human bias.

2. A lot of gains of a bike lane are about people who are hard to count
now. Those are people who would bike if it was safer and who don't bike

3. There is some bike shedding happening here and also an illustration of
our unique cultural and historical prioritization of parking. Here is an
opportunity for our city council to show real leadership. Moving forward on
the bike lane pilot is a step towards a future of complete streets, to make
our community cleaner, healthier, happier by making our roadways safe and
accessible for multiple modes of transit.

Thank you.
 Sylvia Smullin
Received on Sat Apr 08 2017 - 11:09:14 PDT

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