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Re: Oak Grove Bike Route Pilot

From: domainremoved <Erik>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 11:40:58 -0700

Thanks Catherine. I don't think we need to talk via phone. My feelings were
expressed in the email and I trust the City Council will find the
appropriate solutions. I just don't want us to delay when safety is at
stake and I love when governments and public entities embrace pilots and
design processes. We can a learn a lot from them.

You have my confidence and support.


On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 11:20 AM, Cat Carlton <cat.carlton_at_(domainremoved)

> Erik,
> Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us with your concerns
> about safe routes to school. As a parent of young children who bike in the
> area, I understand the safety concerns that you mention. Just as we worked
> to ensure that the sidewalk/ bike lane project was done to improve safe
> routes on Santa Cruz, we are working to make sure that this project is
> successful. I’m frustrated that we can’t get all of the safe routes to
> school implemented more quickly, but I understand that we have to do these
> things correctly and the process takes time.
> I confirmed yesterday that the progress on the car/ bike counts needed for
> the bike lane implementation will go on as scheduled, but the RFP will be
> delayed a couple of weeks. The implementation will have a higher chance of
> success and less chance of significant delays when we ensure that the trial
> is designed properly. It further helps on many levels to have the
> appropriate outreach and understanding of the impacted groups, which has
> not been the case.
> To this end, I am personally working with the impacted groups and staff to
> make sure that this in done in as timely a manner as possible. I met with
> Monsignor, the school principle and the parent representative from Nativity
> yesterday morning, spoke to a representative of the people who live in the
> apartments, and attended a meeting with City staff, the Chamber of Commerce
> and members of the downtown business community yesterday afternoon.
> I also spoke with Ray Meuller about possible solutions, and was inspired
> to find that a form of his original idea and a possible solution that has
> arisen from the meetings that I had are in line. I won’t provide the
> details to you here, for Brown Act reasons, but am happy to speak with you
> by phone at your convenience. My mobile number is 650-575-4523
> <(650)%20575-4523>.
> I am also delighted to hear that you may be meeting with Ray and some bike
> commissioners in the near future. Good communications is the key to
> enhancing this and every project that we may do together.
> Again, thank you so much for reaching out to us. Please feel free to
> call me any time you have any thoughts or issues that you would like to
> discuss.
> All the best,
> Catherine
> On Apr 7, 2017, at 8:25 AM, Erik Burmeister <eburmeister_at_(domainremoved)
> Any time, Ray. LMK when you want to make that happen. I'm CCing Lanita,
> Maurice's assistant and soon to be mine.
> Regards,
> Erik
> On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 7:50 AM, Mueller, Raymond <RDMueller_at_(domainremoved)
> wrote:
>> Dear Mr. Burmeister and Ms. Wolosin:
>> Thank you for your emails. I have good news. My conflict on this matter
>> has resolved. Ms. Wolosin, Mr. Kirsch, Ms. Welton, and Ms. Walser, I would
>> appreciate the opportunity to sit down and meet with you jointly at your
>> earliest convenience to discuss this matter. Mr. Burmeister, I also would
>> welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your staff individually as a
>> Councilmember to discuss Safe Routes to School issues generally throughout
>> the City, that include other locations.
>> With best regards,
>> Ray Mueller
>> ________________________________
>> From: Jennifer Wolosin <jenwolosin_at_(domainremoved)
>> Sent: Thursday, April 6, 2017 3:42:25 PM
>> To: Erik Burmeister
>> Cc: _CCIN; Ahmad Sheikholeslami
>> Subject: Re: Oak Grove Bike Route Pilot
>> Wow! Thank you!!!
>> On Thu, Apr 6, 2017 at 3:39 PM, Erik Burmeister <eburmeister_at_(domainremoved)
>> <mailto:eburmeister_at_(domainremoved)
>> Dear Members of the City Council,
>> As the incoming Superintendent of the Menlo Park City School District, I
>> am writing to express my sincere hope that the City Council will allow the
>> Oak Grove Bike Route Pilot to move forward expediently.
>> The safety of our children is our number one priority. Parents agonize
>> about the decision to allow their kids to ride a bike to school in our area
>> due to the risk factors related to traffic, space, awareness, education,
>> and safety. As traffic becomes more congested and development continues to
>> increase, it's essential that we provide safe routes for our children to
>> get to and from school on a bike.
>> As the leader of an organization that models a design approach to solving
>> most challenges, I urge you to embrace a mindset of prototyping, testing,
>> and reiterating. As I understand the process, the community has had, and
>> will continue to have during the piloting, ample opportunity for input.
>> I am not wedded to a solution; I do, however, prioritize child safety
>> over all else. Please move forward with the Oak Grove Bike Route Pilot and
>> allow the design process, with ongoing feedback and input from the
>> community, to move forward.
>> Sincerely,
>> Erik Burmeister
>> --
>> Erik Burmeister
>> Assistant Superintendent
>> Menlo Park City School District
>> 181 Encinal Avenue
>> Atherton, CA 94027
>> 650.321.7140<tel:(650)%20321-7140>
>> Follow me on Twitter..._at_(domainremoved)
> --
> *Erik Burmeister*
> *Assistant Superintendent*
> *Menlo Park City School District*
> 181 Encinal Avenue
> Atherton, CA 94027
> 650.321.7140 <(650)%20321-7140>
> *Follow me on Twitter..._at_(domainremoved)

*Erik Burmeister*
*Assistant Superintendent*
*Menlo Park City School District*
181 Encinal Avenue
Atherton, CA 94027
*Follow me on Twitter..._at_(domainremoved)*DREAM IT. OWN IT. ROCK IT. *
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