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Heritage tree at 318 Pope

From: domainremoved <Jon>
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 00:19:04 -0700

City Council members -

We are writing to urge you to deny the application by the property owner at
318 Pope
to remove the magnificent tree on their property. As almost 40-year
Willows residents, we are particularly attached to the heritage trees in
our City, which we believe should be hallowed and protected except in the
rarest of occasions, and this does not seem to be such an occasion.

The tree at issue greatly exceeds the standards for heritage status. We
looked at it
this evening from several vantage points, and would estimate that at the
base it
exceeds five feet in *diameter.* It is one of the finest & healthiest
trees in all of the Willows. We ourselves have a comparable tree, and
while it admittedly is a
bit costly to maintain, we cherish and nourish it for the benefit of the
as well as ourselves.

We have long admired the house at 318 Pope (we walk by it almost every
day), and are distressed that it will be torn down for what we expect will
be another two-story, lot-filling, ugly McMansion. However, whether or not
accurate, that insult to the neighborhood should not be compounded by
allowing the current (new?) owners to remove an iconic, majestic tree that
almost certainly predates the house itself.

Jon R. Childs and Margaret A. Keller
717 Central Ave.
Received on Fri Apr 07 2017 - 00:25:19 PDT

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