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Candidate for Parks and Recreation Commission

From: domainremoved <Erin>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2017 20:47:43 -0700

Dear Commissioners

It is with great enthusiasm that I applied for the Parks and Recreation
Commission of Menlo Park. I look forward to serving on the Commission
because I want the opportunity to serve Menlo Park, including its citizens
in highest need. I began my civic journey at the Federal government level,
then transitioned to a regional role with my participation on the Junior
League’s Board of Directors and now the next logical step in this
progression is to focus at the local level. I am ready to fully commit my
civic energy with the community of Menlo Park.

As a local Willows resident since 2010, I am an active mother of three
children that use the local parks and recreation facilities on a daily
basis. I am committed to maintaining the vitality of our parks and
ensuring their longevity for the benefit of our citizens, young and aging. I
am a committed professional that wants to see local businesses partnering
with the community as they bring their own investments to support where we
work and play.

As a member of the Commission, I hope to bring forward more programs to
benefit the zero to five age group, as these formative years are integral
to the development of children and fostering them into adolescence and
adulthood where their love for their community will be evident in the
actions they take. Specifically, starting with the Willow Oaks park
improvements. I plan to see this project through to execution as it impacts
me, my family, and my neighbors. Most of all the park should continue to
offer a clean and safe place for all members of the community, especially
those aged zero to five, to play, learn and grow. This is only possible
with a committed Parks and Recreation Commission.

Additionally, I would like to start a program bringing together children
and seniors. The children will learn valuable social and physical skills
from the seniors (e.g. art or dancing) while the seniors in turn will have
an opportunity to be active in the community. The program will meet my
interest area (children aged zero to five) while also benefiting a growing
demographic with the more senior community.

I believe I will be a valuable asset to the Commission, the City Council
and the citizens alike and look forward to serving with each of you.


Erin Reuther

Willows Resident
Received on Wed Apr 05 2017 - 20:53:22 PDT

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