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Library feedback

From: domainremoved <Jacqui>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2017 09:38:25 -0700

Hi council members-

I didn't have a public comment in me Tuesday night, but wanted to follow up
with something to think about.

I would like us to consider that while we lack the immediate answer to a
complete library branch in Belle Haven, I think doing nothing while we sort
it out is wrong. The library has a building to house it's services, but I
think we can creatively find a way to increase library services in the
neighborhoods with the least access to a library building. Maybe it's a
bookmobile. 5 minutes of research will yield you several communities that
use these with great success. Little Free Libraries are also proven
community access points for books. Why do we have a policy that keeps them
out of public parks? (just for background, I purchased a LFL through a
BelleHaven mini grant which I intended to put in my local park, but was
told no and received no reply from the public works employee who told me no
to my request for the reasoning. I put it in my own yard instead, but it
doesn't get near the same traffic it would if kids in park could see it).

One of the speakers during public comment logged yet another concern about
the disparity between the school districts. While I understand that the
boundaries are a complicated multi-agency problem, community literacy is a
problem for all of us to own a piece of. The MPCSD school district is
devoting time and resources to being a district that can close the
achievement gap - but they don't operate in a vacuum and if the gap is to
be closed, we all have to work together in a town fragmented by school
district boundaries. Let's actually DO something about the lack of access
to books. Having an open library branch isn't enough if paying the fines
for lost or overdue books cuts into your food budget or fear of immigration
issues keeps some from creating a paper trail that includes applying for a
library card. Kids need books. Let's find a way to make that happen.

I will sign on to support any project that gets books into the hands of
readers - young and old.

Jacqui Cebrian
Library Commissioner
BelleHaven resident
Oak Knoll Reading Specialist
Received on Thu Mar 30 2017 - 09:44:10 PDT

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