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From: domainremoved <Luky>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 21:11:38 -0700

Dear City Council Members,
I am unable to attend the March 28 Council meeting, but I wanted to express my concern and disappointment about the Oak Grove Bike Improvement Project moving forward as recommended and approved by Council.
I attended a meeting with Transportation Division staff at Nativity School last Thursday, March 23. Many parents attended as well as residents from the neighborhood and parishioners from Nativity Church. I am concerned that this decision was made without adequate parking occupancy data bicycle ridership data (school and commute) and community engagement. In December 6, 2016 staff report (16-214-CC <http://email.beehivelymail.com/c/eJwdj82KxCAQhJ8mHsX2Nx48DJPdR9jrYExvImNiMGZD3n7dhSoKvoJuanLM25GseBx-xteejxq3-RUnJ5hl0jAgixv1dwBuPUgNWigUIxOog7U4cQsqkOSWWvdOPDr-2XRdF11xS3n35U1zmRsbcjgbq89mLA18RbxaAJfKkOg4A8ME75lQVva0BwWCCm2Nog_9MQxc6U6yEXGJP5ju1cdEQ15Jcel83_UsW7sq2e2XnP-LkNujrf5NUcJAr38BCz1IbA>), no bicycle ridership information was given regarding local schools (Menlo-Atherton High School, Encinal School, Nativity School and Hillview Middle School). Aren’t these bicycle lanes supposed to be benefiting the schools? What promotion and education is done at the school to promote bicycle riding? I don’t think this is a “build and they will come” scenario if no additional efforts are made with the schools. Additionally, the parking surveys seemed to miss some peak times, in particular, school drop-off time at Nativity School (7:45am-8:15am). During this time, Oak Grove Avenue is backed up with cars and all parking is taken along Oak Grove Avenue. Lastly, per the December 6, 2016, residents and businesses “up to a half a block away” were notified of this project. However, when the project recommends removing over 180 parking spaces, you should notify the entire neighborhood. Especially when removing 94 parking spaces from El Camino Real to Middlefield Road section has a huge impact on a neighborhood. Pine Street is directly across from Nativity School. It is a very narrow street and when cars park on both sides of the street, large SUVs and emergency vehicles cannot even drive down the street. I’m surprised that staff is recommending having more people park on Pine Street. I would recommend eliminating parking on one side of Pine Street due to the minimum width of the street.
I would also like to mention that I noted the parking along Oak Grove on Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25 was completely full from Middlefield Road to Pine Street due to events at Vallombrosa Center and First Communion at Nativity Church. Where will these people park on Sundays for Church services and special events like Nativity Carnival, Grandparents day, and many other events that happen during the year? A few years ago, the City removed parking on Laurel Street to install a bike lane and Nativity School lost parking along one of the frontages. This project would remove parking on the other frontage of the school.
Please reconsider the Oak Grove Bike Project. I feel there are options to have both bike lanes and parking and that additional data needs to be collected and additional outreach to neighbors need to be made to make this a successful project.
~Luky Turner (Nativity School Parent)
Received on Mon Mar 27 2017 - 21:17:31 PDT

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