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Oak Grove University Crane Bicycle improvement project

From: domainremoved <Elaine>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 19:37:21 -0700

Dear City Council,
I attended a meeting at Nativity school last Thursday where Michael Tsai presented the plan of impact on Nativity school once the above project is put into action.

On listening to the presentation, many concerns were expressed regarding the research that had been done to determine the viability of this project, including monitoring school traffic during peak hours and the impact on parking on Oak grove for the Schools, church, Monastery and the local community by adding the bicycle lanes and no parking 7 days a week

I took it upon myself to monitor the bicycle traffic on Friday March 24th from 7.45 am - 8.10 am and whilst it was a Friday, typically a lighter commute day, 5 cyclists passed Nativity School heading northbound in that period of time.

As a community we all what was is best for all parties, I feel this plan should not enter the implementation phase before more current data can be attained.

Menlo Atherton High school is about to have its highest enrollment ever in the schools history and with this proposal I fear we will be endangering our children by removing valuable parking spaces along Oak Grove, without a plan of where all these cars will relocate too and the surrounding narrow streets are not an option for the MA students to park all day.

I appreciate your time in reading this and I look forward to hearing viable solutions that can benefit all of this community.


Elaine King
Received on Mon Mar 27 2017 - 19:43:14 PDT

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