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Changes to existing parking on Oak Grove

From: domainremoved <Regina>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2017 00:06:16 +0000 (UTC)

 Dear Council Members,
I am writing to you as a concerned member of the Nativity School and Menlo-Atherton High School Communities, as well as a life-long resident.  Understanding that you have attempted due diligence in your recent usage studies, I fail to see how removing 100 parking spaces on Oak Grove could possibly still be under consideration.  While I am interested as the parent of a 6th grader at Nativity School, and as a parishioner at Church of the Nativity, what troubles me most is the potential impact on the high school.  As it stands now, there is not enough parking on Oak Grove to accommodate current demand.  As the Spring Semester advances, the number of sophomores turning sixteen increases each and every day, as does the demand for parking spaces, which are not available to them on campus.  These young men and women are going to drive to school regardless, and you are going to create a real problem for the community that you represent by making things even harder for them.Nativity Church and School add value to our community.  The church provides sanctuary, comfort and joy to hundreds of your constituents.  Do you really want to make it harder for these residents to attend a funeral, celebrate a wedding, or attend to their spiritual needs?  I would sincerely hope not.The school has been a cornerstone of Menlo Park for close to 50 years.  Recent renovations have made the school updated and attractive, while doing a good job of maintaining the ambiance of the neighborhood.It would be a disservice to victimize this sector of Menlo Park by placing a roadblock to people's ability to attend the functions that they must.It is my hope that you will consider your options wisely.Sincerely.Regina Riviello(650) 363-2882
Received on Mon Mar 27 2017 - 17:12:53 PDT

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