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From: domainremoved <Kirsten>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2017 00:46:24 +0000


Thank you for your email regarding the Fire District’s plans to use eminent
domain to purchase private homes to expand Station 77 on Chilco Avenue. The
City has no power or authority over the District or their decision to use
eminent domain. That is their decision alone.

However, there are several areas where the City does have legal authority
over land use decisions in this instance. Any expansion of Station 77 onto
residential lots would require an amendment to the City’s General Plan,
rezoning the properties from residential R-1-U to public facility P-F, a
conditional use permit, architectural control, and possibly acquisition of
the parcel owned by the City that is currently leased to the District.

Such actions would require numerous public hearings by the City, including
hearings by the Planning Commission and the City Council. A decision to
amend the General Plan and the rezoning of the properties would require
City Council approval in its discretion.

At this time, since we have seen no definitive plans and no application for
any of the required approvals have been submitted, I am not in a position
to comment on the Fire District’s plans. However, I will note that the City
Council unanimously rejected any plan for the rebuilding of the Highway 101
overpass at Willow Road that required eminent domain.

If you have further questions, concerns, comments on this, or any other
topic, please feel free to contact me.


Kirsten Keith,
Mayor of Menlo Park

On Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 4:13 PM yui lee <yule168_at_(domainremoved)

> Hello, my name is Yui Lee and I live at 341 Terminal Avenue. I have
> recently come to know about the Fire Station 77 redevelopment project.
> I am concerned about the following:
> - * Unwanted uprooting and displacement of my neighbors *
> Nobody wants to give up their homes for this project.
> - * Already well documented housing shortage *
> The housing shortage in the Bay Area has already been well
> documented. One of my neighbors is helping to provide affordable housing
> by having built a secondary unit (not to even mention how many
> administrative and ordinance hoops a resident has to jump through just to
> build one). If their property were to be used for this project, at least
> two families would be displaced from their homes.
> - * Noise and air quality negatively impacted *
> Demolition and rebuild of the existing fire station already would
> negatively impact the residents in the area in terms of noise and
> construction dust, not to mention the added noise and dust from the the
> residential properties involved.
> - * Direct impact to the bordering properties not targeted by the
> project *
> My property is already negatively impacted by the existing fire
> station during periods of heavy rain. The rain water run off drains onto
> my property and makes the ground extremely soft, so much so that when I
> walk around in my back yard near the station, my feet sink at least
> 0.5~0.75" into the ground. I'm planning on having renovations done on my
> property, and I already anticipate the need to address this current issue.
> Who knows what further problems would be caused by this new project.
> I understand that there is a need to update the firestation to support the
> growing City, but there seems to be plenty of land available that could
> fulfill this purpose. Isn't there any land in the industrial area that
> could be used and not impact any resident?
> I will be at the public hearing tonight.
> -- Yui
Received on Wed Mar 22 2017 - 17:50:45 PDT

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