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From: Mueller, Raymond <"Mueller,>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 14:51:13 +0000

Dear Mr. Lewis:

I wasn't at the meeting because, candidly, I reached agreement with one of the property owners affected by the eminent domain notice, that I would stay home and not attend the Fire Board meeting.


Because we agreed it was predictable the Fire Board would try to blame the City Council and not accept responsibility for it's actions, and we agreed it was best to let the Fire Board blame the City Council without refute at the meeting, as it would give the Board space to back away from the District's decision to send out eminent domain notices without doing a thorough investigation of alternative sites, nor without conducting any community meetings.

By the end of the meeting the Fire Board did in fact retreat from the eminent domain notices, and did in fact say it would conduct community meetings and investigate alternative sites. And predictably, rather than take responsibility for their actions, the Fire Board did try to somehow blame the City Council for it's judgement.

In actuality, nothing the City did or didn't do caused the Fire District to send out eminent domain notices without doing a thorough investigation of alternative sites, nor without conducting any community meetings.

I realize there were many residents in attendance at the meeting who are unaware why I wasn't present.? And I realize, their view of the City Council may have been affected by the rhetoric at the meeting. But from time to time leadership requires letting people wrongfully cast dispersions on you, in the best interest of helping others. For the three homes affected, I am confident I made the best decision to let the Fire Board act predictably, in the manner it has grown accustomed with it's neighboring jurisdictions.?

With best regards,

Ray Mueller

From: JimLewis_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 12:21 AM
Subject: FIRE STATION 77 on CHILCO Street

Honorable Mayor and Council Members,

Where were you?

Nearly 50 members of the public where in attendance at the Fire District's Board meeting on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, many of which took time to speak on the topic of Fire Station 77 located on Chilco Street.

Many members of the public asked, "Where are the members of the City Council?" They also asked, "Where are the members of the Menlo Park staff?" Where were the emails, texts, tweets and/or other forms of communication?

Several letters appeared on your March 21, 2017 CCIN - City Council Email log. Thus, even without a copy of the Fire District agenda before you, it was a topic that seemed to be actively in the minds of the public.

The Fire District provides not only fire fighting services, but a variety of emergency services, such as medical, disaster preparation and other areas of public safety.

At the meeting, the Board of Directors said this topic would be coming back again on their agenda in the future. If you have time, you might consider attending.
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