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Thoughts for 20mar2017 Rail Committee Meeting

From: domainremoved <Stephan>
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2017 15:26:22 -0700

Dear City Council and Rail Committee members,
   I will miss the meeting on Monday 20mar2017, but want to send along
these thoughts after viewing the Video of the 7feb2017 City Council meeting
and the Presentation of the Ravenswood Avenue Railroad Crossing Project. I
have many issues with alternative A, but since it will be studied further I
will save most for later. But there was some discussion of 5% grade
required for pedestrians by ADA and that 10% grade for the cars is pretty
steep, but there was no mention of bicycles. Where do they fit in?? And
diagrams of shoofly tracks were mentioned being displayed at the 4oct
meeting that I missed, but I haven't found them on-line. Would like
specific directions on where to find them, please.

  My basic stance is: any alternative that requires a shoofly track should
be eliminated. I think that includes both Hybrid alternatives. As a second
alternative to study I would suggest an underpass on Oak Grove. We should
really have two shovel ready projects, just in case we get more funding
than we're counting on. It happened in Italy in 2003 under Silvio
Berlusconi, not that I'm trying to draw any parallels.

  Adina Levin gave some comments on CalTrain modeling of the Blended system
and I have looked at their web-site. They are still using the old Caltrain
schedule so assume Menlo Park will get no more than 2 trains an hour! I
had hoped all local trains would be stopping here in Menlo Park. Then one
would just go to the train station and expect a train within 10 minutes.
That's not what we are going to get. Also the platform in the middle of
the tracks like the one that exists now at Belmont was touted by the
CalTrain folks. The Blended study shows that center platform will be
removed for either upgrade studied and replaced with two outboard platforms
when passing track(s) are added in Belmont.

  I just attended the Stanford hosted 500 El Camino meeting last night.
Turns out making the ped/bike access large enough to allow ambulances to
pass through has been discussed before but not considered popular. Realize
the emergency route comes down Willow. Allowing ambulances through that
ped/bike underpass would save much precious time on the way to Stanford
Hospital especially during rush hour traffic. Even with an underpass at
Ravenswood, its not going to be easy for an ambulance to get through rush
hour traffic there.

    Respectfully submitted, Steve Van Pelt
Received on Fri Mar 17 2017 - 15:28:37 PDT

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