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Sanctuary City - NO

From: domainremoved <shawn>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2017 09:05:43 +0000

City Council:

We do not support Menlo Park becoming a sanctuary city nor do we back any lawsuits against the President's executive order of Jan 25. US immigration laws require immigrants to lawfully enter into this country. Those that don’t are in violation of our laws. Their actions are disrespectful to those who come here legally and to legal citizens who pay taxes to support our City, State, and Federal governments. Our civic costs, taxes, and medical care costs rise as a result of their Illegal actions. It is also against the federal law to hire illegals aliens, so how are we offering them a better way of life by allowing a sanctuary for illegal immigration? It seems we are just allowing ourselves to become complicit in breaking the law. Why would our City encourage this behavior?

Jon Cooksey/Shawn Sasse
Live Oak Avenue
Menlo Park
Received on Thu Mar 16 2017 - 02:08:04 PDT

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