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Re: Support Sanctuary & Freedom Cities

From: domainremoved <Kirsten>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 20:03:44 +0000


Thank you for your email. I have scheduled this topic for the City Council
agenda tonight. Because the language of the Trump administration’s
Executive Order to withhold funds from “sanctuary” jurisdictions is so
ambiguous, it makes it hard for any jurisdiction to know whether it might
be viewed as a “sanctuary” by the federal government The result of this
ambiguity is that many jurisdictions, both conservative and liberal, do not
know if they might be targeted for defunding under this Executive Order.
This creates extreme uncertainty for their communities and in their ability
to make fiscal plans. Thus, I am recommending that the City of Menlo Park
join amicus briefs in support of both Santa Clara County and the City and
County of San Francisco in their litigation challenging the Trump
administration’s Executive Order. The broader topic of whether Menlo Park
should become a sanctuary city will be on the City Council agenda for its
meeting on April 4th. Again, thank you for your input on this important


Kirsten Keith,

On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 3:25 PM Erin Cooke <midpensolsun_at_(domainremoved)

> Dear Honorable Mayor and Menlo Park City Council:
> I am writing on behalf of the Solidarity Sundays Mid-Peninsula Chapter,
> based in Menlo Park, to urge the City Council to enable Menlo Park to be a signatory
> on the amicus brief discussed tonight under agenda item I2. Further, we
> request you vote in favor to become a designated Sanctuary City and put
> in place additional protections to shield immigrants from aggressive enforcement
> and living in fear of being deported at your April 4thmeeting. Menlo
> Park is a safe and humane community that should not vilify immigrants as
> criminals. Taking action to keep families together, fostering community
> and embracing opportunity for all should be part of our core values that
> will enable all members of this small Silicon Valley town to thrive.
> Our dynamic city services, community-building programs, leading schools,
> global technology companies and emerging downtown are all threatened by the
> current Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies/Orders and
> discriminatory rhetoric. In response, our City Council should sign the
> amicus brief and implement, and further encourage our County to also
> consider, sanctuary policies that disentangle local criminal justice
> systems from immigration enforcement, limit data-sharing with federal
> immigration authorities and ensure legal representation for immigrants
> facing deportation. Aside from these defense strategies to ensure we are
> safeguarding all residents of this great City, we request our Council
> consider designating Menlo Park a Freedom City, as defined by the American
> Civil Liberties Union, and adopt the model law enforcement policies and
> rules available at peoplepower.org
> The 115, and growing, members of MidPenSolSun are part of a nationwide
> resistance network working for peace, justice and equity and thank you for
> your consideration of these key actions to institute protections that
> promote dignity for all of our community members in a time of intense
> discrimination and acknowledge Menlo Park as a City willing to resist
> federal level policies that jeopardize the safety, security, and livelihood
> of its residents.
> Sincerely – Erin Cooke & Annie Ray, Co-Organizers Mid-Peninsula Solidarity
> Sundays
Received on Tue Mar 14 2017 - 13:06:15 PDT

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