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Please take the bold step to make Menlo Park a sanctuary city

From: domainremoved <Tricia>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2017 14:47:19 -0800

Dear City Council:

I spoke at the January meeting where the ordinance was discussed. I
understand it will be on the agenda in April.

It took courage for Santa Ana City Council to pass an ordinance
it as a Sanctuary City. Please take action and vote in support of Menlo
Park as a sanctuary city - and lead the way with your colleagues across San
Mateo County so the entire county can be designated as a Sanctuary County.

See this Opinion article in this week's NYTimes about Santa Ana:


From the article:

*They pointed out that using the local police as immigration enforcers
takes them away from their primary responsibility, the safety of the
community. It wastes crime-fighting resources. It costs too much. And it’s
constitutionally dubious for localities to detain people for no other
reason than an administrative request from ICE.*

*The ordinance is duly respectful of the law, in a spirit that honors the
Constitution and residents’ civil rights. It declares that none of its
provisions are to conflict with “any valid and enforceable duty and
obligation imposed by a court order or any federal or applicable law.” But
it also makes clear that the city will not cooperate in any federal
immigration dragnet. The feds may do what they will, but Santa Ana wants no
part of it. It will not allow the use of city resources or personnel to
assist in these efforts unless required by state or federal law. Nor will
the city share “sensitive information,” protecting the privacy of its
residents, whatever their immigration status.*

Best regards,
Received on Wed Mar 08 2017 - 14:47:19 PST

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