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Fwd: Subject: Galata Bistro Cafe "street patio"

From: domainremoved <Rockwell>
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2017 13:56:16 -0800

I have not heard a response from this thread.

Re-forwarding to individual council members.

thank you for your consideration.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Rockwell <sensefineart_at_(domainremoved)
Subject: Subject: Galata Bistro Cafe "street patio"
Date: February 3, 2017 at 11:06:58 AM PST
To: city.council_at_(domainremoved)
Dear Members of the Menlo Park City Council:

I am the Owner / Chief curator at SENSE fine art in Menlo Park. Our gallery location is 845 Santa Cruz Ave. We are celebrating our 30th year in business and 18th year in Menlo Park. We are known worldwide for showcasing the leading edge of contemporary artists. We are a well known feeder program for International and National Museums and have championed some of the greatest artists our time. We have paved the way for other galleries to locate to Menlo Park creating a vibrant and loved art scene. The most sought after artists showcase their work with us and the most prominent collectors come to Menlo Park to view their work. This brings high profile clients from all over the world to visit our gallery and Menlo Park. Those same clients eat on Santa Cruz ave, shop on Santa Cruz ave and stay in Menlo Park.

The front window of our gallery is the single most valuable asset of our gallery. The gallery was designed from scratch around the showcase of the front window. All the artists strive to have a work of art in our showcase front window. Once the installation of the street patio and all its elements are complete, we will have lost the view to the window from west bound Santa Cruz Traffic (our best view point) and East bound traffic if forced to navigate the new nation structure and not view our showcase.

With this patio installation on the street the performance of our business is greatly diminished as the desire of any substaintial artists to showcase work is greatly diminished therefore decreasing our existing collectors pursuing the art work visiting Menlo Park and new collectors being able to view the work from the street etc. You can see how our ecosystem here / business model is heavily impacted. Our clients mention that the patio structure is dangerous on the street.

We were not informed of the patio installation or it’s concept at any time prior to it’s installation.

The Council’s comment on 1/24 was to review making the structure less obtrusive, by reducing the width which extends into our gallery property line, we would prefer that the entire structure be removed. That said, if removing width and height is all that the Council can make happen, then please proceed on that action.


Chief Curator
SENSE fine art LLC.
v: 650-241-8928
e: r_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Wed Mar 08 2017 - 13:55:42 PST

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