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Proposed Modifications to Willow Road?

From: domainremoved <Mark>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2017 01:48:01 +0000

Dear City Council Members:
I was troubled to hear that you are considering modifications to Willow Road - removing planters, bulb-outs, etc. - to create another traffic lane on Willow. I realize that the current proposal is that it is for emergency vehicles only, but, I would submit, this is a thinly-veiled introduction to more traffic lanes on Willow Road.

Please see the attached photos:

* Why does Menlo Park provide two left turn lanes going towards Palo Alto and only one right turn lane going towards Menlo Park? What does this say about traffic volume/destinations?

* Why does Menlo Park provide two right turn lanes coming from Palo Alto onto Willow Road?

* Why do we not see Palo Alto providing similar features to speed traffic flow onto University Avenue?

* Why does Menlo Park feel it is their duty to try to accommodate regional traffic? This portion of Willow Road is classified as a "local collector" street; it is not a state highway. If we stop rolling out the "regional traffic welcome mat", maybe there would be no emergency vehicle issue because overall traffic volume would decline.

* How would Willow Road traffic be reduced if left turns towards Palo Alto were restricted? If right turns from Palo Alto onto Willow were restricted? Significantly, I would submit.

* Stanford is experiencing a significant building boom - what are we asking from them to work towards a regional solution? Stanford has a new president and is embarking on a 10 year look-ahead plan - maybe the timing for this discussion is optimal.

* I would submit that we do not owe the motoring public unlimited road capacity. Many European countries have done a pretty good job of getting by with the old-road capacities they have. If the motoring public does not like the level of service, they are free to select alternative transportation.

* Regarding emergency vehicles (primarily fire, I believe) - if the volume of calls at the VA Hospital or east of 101 is that high, why not run these calls from a locally-placed fire station? The fire district is certainly not capital-deprived given the real estate buying they have done lately and the replacement station under construction. Have we asked them to pursue the regional station response option?

* Why does the solution always seem to be putting more burden on the residents of Willow Road? What alternate routes have been explored?

I implore you to please explore the above alternatives before we make a knee-jerk reaction and start modifying Willow Road to handle more traffic.

I thank each of you in advance for your commitment to looking out for your important and supportive constituents on Willow Road. Please know that I am more than willing to work with you on any aspect of this.

Mark McBirney
650 223-1339

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Received on Mon Mar 06 2017 - 17:50:37 PST

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