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Against the current proposal for Fire Station 77 Redevelopment

From: domainremoved <Nina>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2017 13:24:57 -0800

> Happy as I am to have a fire station on my side of the freeway, I am appalled by the MP Fire Protection District’s proposal to expand it. The expanded fire station would include a driveway extending between two houses into a residential block of Terminal Avenue. Fire engines would exit between the two residences and turn left (in most cases) into a narrow street in order to make a second turn into Chilco after traveling only a few hundred yards. Currently, exiting fire engines turn directly into Chilco, a more direct route to fires in either direction.
> While there may be few good choices, this one is singularly impractical. Even if parking were eliminated on the relevant block of Terminal, greatly inconveniencing the people who live there, the street was never designed for commercial traffic and would still be narrow. Because the Beechwood School, Onetta Harris Community Center and Kelly Park are all located where Terminal dead-ends, it serves as a conduit for a large number of children, both walking and being driven, who would present a further obstacle to fire engines many times of the day.
> In order to expand onto Terminal, the District would have to buy and destroy a house in order to replace it with a driveway. If none of the owners wanted to sell, the project would die on the vine unless the City of Menlo Park seized the property through eminent domain, a lengthy and uncertain process which I don’t believe Menlo Park has ever chosen to undertake.
> Notice of the planned Fire Station 77 Redevelopment was given by postal mail only to residences within 300 feet of the fire station, barely a month before the public hearing scheduled for March 21. The rest of the neighborhood, which will have to live with the consequences of any fire station expansion, heard about it from our neighbors. This is a disrespectful way to treat those of us who are likely to either benefit or suffer most from any change.
> There has got to be a Plan B and we the people need to know about it. Whatever possibilities are being considered, there might be one we would support. Few if any of those directly affected will support the current plan.
> Nina G. Wouk
> (Street address not for publication)
> Menlo Park CA 94025
> nwouk_at_(domainremoved)
> 650-329-9083
> 650-906-1779 (cell)
> 415-276-2087 (fax)
Received on Sun Mar 05 2017 - 13:27:48 PST

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