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Change NAMING to "Willows Safe Streets" or "Willows Complete Streets" / 2017 work plan

From: Andrew Barnes <"Andrew>
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2017 10:30:38 -0800

Honorable Mayor, Council Members and City Staff,


Great to have the opportunity to offer public comment last night on item I1.
"Council 2017 Work Plan - Capacity Creation for the Willows Neighborhood
Cut-through Traffic Analysis".


I'm thankful that this is in the City's 2017 Work Plan. I never take for
granted that folks are paying attention, and I am grateful.


REQUEST: I'm requested that the naming of this goal be changed to "Willows
Safe Streets" or "Willows Complete Streets" .


Here's my reasoning:


1. Congruency with the Circulation Element

- I talked to the General Plan Update's Circulation Element last night, and
how this goal related to the Willows is a natural result of what the
Circulation Element calls for.

- The Circulation Element clearly states: "The top transportation-related
priority for the community is safety".

- It seems only natural to align behind the terminology and concepts that we
just passed and will be guiding us for the next 20 years.


2. Congruency with the Issue

- The term cut-through does not accurately represent what we are solving

- We're solving for safety.

- We're solving for the a reduction of the speed and volume of vehicular
traffic coursing through our neighborhood

- We're solving for disincentivizing unsafe driving, and the
disproportionately high use of our neighborhood streets as a thru-way to
points beyond.

- The term cut-through only addresses a part of the issue.

- And fact is, as it relates to speed and unsafe driving, we in the Willows
must be willing to look in the mirror to see where we are contributing to
the problem.


We all know that issue identification is the foundation of any problem
solving exercise. What are we solving for? From the outset, the way we
language this issue will shape the expectations and the outcomes.


REQUEST: I urge you to consider the importance of this, and rename this
issue / project / goal on a go-forward basis as "Willows Safe Streets" or
"Willows Complete Streets".


Thank you.




Andrew Barnes

McKendry Drive

Willows Neighborhood





Received on Wed Mar 01 2017 - 10:33:41 PST

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