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Please help make walking safe in the Willows

From: domainremoved <Laurel>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 16:03:53 -0800

Menlo Park City Council,

I am lucky to live on Oak Ct., in the Willows neighborhood. We love our
neighborhood! Thankfully, living on a court means we aren't strongly
affected by dangerous driving at our home. However, I love taking evening
walks with my husband and two children in the neighborhood. We've seen
more and more dangerous driving throughout the neighborhood during the
evening commute over our 4.5 years of living here. We started out by
plastering our stroller with reflective tape. But as our children want to
be out of the stroller as they grow, we've had to resort to eliminating our
evening walks - it's just too dangerous.

We are aware of the history of studies of how to calm traffic in the
neighborhood, and we know that these ideas can be contentious. Everyone
has a different idea about how to make our streets safer, or whether we
need to do anything at all. However, from my discussions with neighbors
and in following discussions on Nextdoor, there seems to be a growing
consensus that the traffic has gotten worse and worse, and that SOMETHING
must be done! I concur.

Before living in the Willows, I lived in College Terrace in Palo Alto.
College Terrace is virtually closed to cut through traffic. Yes, it's a
little confusing for first-time visitors. Yes, it takes residents a few
extra minutes to get home. But I never heard anyone complaining about it.
It was such a safe and calm neighborhood, and I wish for the same calmness
in the Willows.

I feel that we need to make travel through our neighborhood so slow and
circuitous that there is no longer a time incentive for people to cut
through. However, I'm VERY willing to try ANYTHING, anything at all. Add a
few more stop signs. Try some hourly turning restrictions. Add speed bumps.
Perhaps implement the 2011 plan, with a few updates. I think the Willows
is ready for compromise. Please help us.

Thank you,
Laurel Brandt
143 Oak Ct
Menlo Park CA, 94025
Received on Tue Feb 28 2017 - 16:06:28 PST

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