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From: domainremoved <JimLewis_at_>
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 00:42:43 -0500

Honorable Mayor and Council Members:
On the agenda for the February 28, 2017 City Council meeting, under the
CONSENT CALENDAR, item # H-4 entitled "Approve updates to City Council Policy
CC-01-0004, Commissions/Committees Policies and Procedures Roles and
Responsibilities (Staff Report $#17-042-CC), Staff has made a number of
recommendations. I support all of them, except one, as shown on Page 38, that
"Last, the Arts Commission has not met since November 15, 2004. At the
February 7 City Council meeting, there was no Council consensus to maintain a
full Arts Commission. Any reference to these three commissions/committees
should be removed from the policy."
Please do NOT kill the potential for an Art Commission in Menlo Park. I
plead with you, I beg of you, I reach out to you, that this topic should be
more fully considered, on its own merits. Please consider that
1) Nearly every city in America has an Art Commission.
2) Nearly every county in America has an Art Commission.
3) Every state, that is all 50 States has an Art Commission.
You will have no trouble finding 7 qualified and interested citizens to
fill this position, given the opportunity. The issue may be that Staff has
little time to prepare for, attend and take minutes for this important part
of the city.
Culture in American has always been important. It consists of paintings,
sculpture, literature, dance, music and a host of related areas. PLEASE
Kindly leave the Art Commission on the books, so that it has the
opportunity, without the obligation, to be candidly considered at some appropriate
time in the days ahead.
Thank you for your consideration.
Jim Lewis
A Concerned Citizen
Who Takes Pride In the Community
Received on Fri Feb 24 2017 - 21:45:23 PST

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