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Safe Routes to School and Willows Cut Through Traffic

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 14:43:37 -0800

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members,

Thank you again for voting to add Safe Routes to School to the City's 2017
Goals. The unanimous vote by the Council on February 7th sent a message
that Safe Routes needs to be a priority in our community at large. With
your stated commitment to Safe Routes, our group, Parents for Safe Routes,
has been successfully making the rounds to other key stakeholders to join
in the community partnership effort.

It was therefore with great surprise and concern, that I read in Staff
Report 17-050-CC (Capacity Creation for the Willows Neighborhood
Cut-Through Traffic Analysis) that staff recommends "that the Willows
Neighborhood Cut-Through Traffic Analysis be incorporated into the Safe
Routes to Schools Initiative approved by Council. While it may prolong both
projects in coming to completion, it is a means of making progress on both
fronts in a coordinated manner." The reason for this recommendation was
given as "while adding more staff may seem an obvious capacity creating
solution for this specific item, for management reasons, it is not
recommended at this time."

Combining the Willows Cut Through Traffic with the comprehensive,
institutionalized, City-wide Safe Routes to School program doesn't make
sense. I am actually hoping that this suggestion was written in error. One
of the items is a neighborhood-specific project. The other item is a
community-wide program. While they both are transportation-related, it
doesn't make any sense to combine them. Also, this doesn't honor the
prioritizing of Safe Routes...the report now states that "it may prolong
both projects coming to completion." Furthermore, the Safe Routes to School
initiative that was added to the 2017 Work Plan isn't a project, it's a
long-term, strategic program.

I understand that there is a traffic crisis in the Willows. This is not
about pushing aside the needs of one neighborhood for the needs of Safe
Routes. There is political will and money to do both things properly. I
think it actually could make sense to combine the Laurel School Safe Routes
Study with the Willows Cut Through Traffic - these are both projects.
However, the way the staff report is currently written is too broad...the
Laurel School Safe Routes Study is different than the Safe Routes to School
community-wide program initiative. To clarify, there are 3 items on the
table: Laurel Safe Routes Study (Project), Willows Cut Through Traffic
(Project), Safe Routes to School Institutionalization (Program). You can
combine the first two, but you must leave the third to stand on its own.

Parents for Safe Routes now has over 160 people on its mailing list. We
have come to meeting after meeting to ensure that a strategic Safe Routes
to School program is included in 2017. Please don't dilute what we have
lobbied for at the 11th hour. You voted to support your constituents'
mandate. Please make sure it is left intact as intended.

Thank you for your time.


Jen Wolosin

Parents for Safe Routes
Received on Fri Feb 24 2017 - 14:46:17 PST

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