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draft cc:in letter

From: domainremoved <Henry>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 12:42:08 -0800

Council members,

We have one of the best crime prevention and response police departments anywhere, thankfully. But we don’t have “code enforcement”. This is not news - we cut back maybe two recessions ago - but what is our excuse now?

We have codes to keep our neighborhoods safe and looking nice; for example, you can’t park your “spare” car or truck on your front lawn. You can’t let your ivy grow across the sidewalk. You can’t leave a “for sale “ car on Marsh Rd. But you can. And much more, because there is no-one to enforce such codes. We have a bank-hours code enforcement person, meaning no-one takes calls after 5:00 or on weekends, and she’s usually “in the field” and listens to messages a day or a week later.

I witnessed a truck take out the yellow posts that mark the roadway centerline on Bohannon Dr this week. That’s a PD issue. I saw this before, so this time I reported it and offered the license plate to dispatch, but was told they didn’t want it - if they don’t see damage done themselves, they can’t act on it anyway. Seriously?

When traffic grid-locked one day due to a failed traffic light - El Camino, 5:00 pm - I asked dispatch if an officer could direct traffic. The response was No way - can’t put an officer in harms way standing in an intersection just for traffic, and the PD "doesn’t direct traffic”.

Lately, I get up to six “newsflash” emails a week to tell me what the PD is up to at far ends of Menlo Park from me. This got my attention, if that was the plan. I’m glad our PD is out there working, but not so sure the “newsflash” concept was created to increase department exposure. Wasn’t it for emergencies related to a neighborhood?

It’s an old school concept that the PD works for the citizens - but a fair expectation when, in a strong economy, we defer infrastructure maintenance to pay our PD top dollar. I recall this department is our single largest budget item, no?

You set policy for our city. Perhaps you can help our PD go a little outside their patrol cars to help out.

Henry Riggs
Received on Fri Feb 24 2017 - 12:44:53 PST

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