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Willows Cut Through Traffic

From: domainremoved <Brian>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 16:46:54 +0000 (UTC)

City Council,

I am a long time resident of the willows, having been bornand raised here and then deciding to live and raise my family here aswell.  I am writing to you about a problem that has been getting steadilyworse over the years and certainly in the last 5 years and that is the trafficcutting through our neighborhood during commute hours.  This trafficspeeds through the neighborhood streets were families are walking, pushingstrollers and kids are biking or on a scooter, some cars barely slow at thestop signs before speeding off and roads like Durham, Chester and O’Keefe getbacked up as cars try to turn right onto Willow Road. 

This problem is first and foremost a safety issues.  Weare a quiet neighborhood and kids play basketball in the street, as I saidpeople are always out walking strollers, dog and young children and these carsspeeding through the streets in a rush to get to where they are going are notpaying attention, not stopping at stop signs and not watching for pedestrians. It is only a matter of time before someone, most likely a child, get hit. I have a young son (almost 4) and a daughter (just over 1) and I worry aboutthem when we are out walking around the streets in the Willows.  We havealmost been hit by a car that slowed at a stop sign and then started toaccelerate without noticing we were crossing. 

The residents of this neighborhood need your help.  Weneed you to make this a priority for 2017 because this problem is only going tokeep getting worse and when Willow traffic is restricted due to construction ofthe overpass it will very probably get much worse.  The neighborhood, andcertainly myself, are interested in working with the city to solve this problemfor the long term. 

Best Regards,

Brian Gilmer

507 O’Keefe Street
Received on Fri Feb 24 2017 - 08:53:35 PST

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