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Follow-up on Item F2 from City Council Meeting of 7feb2017, "Railroad Crossing Study Alternatives".

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 22:56:01 -0800

Dear Council members, Deciding on which alternatives to continue studying for the Ravenswood Avenue Railroad Crossing is very important to us all. Please take heed of the following issues:
(1) Ray Mueller is having our City Attorney get a more complete definition of the requirements for the Passing Track through Menlo Park. Please communicate the answer to the public as soon as it is known.
(2) Part of the presentation during discussion of agenda item F2 mentioned diagrams of shoofly tracks presented during the 4oct2016 meeting. I have perused all the attachments provided with the agenda for Council meeting 7feb2017 and find no such diagram. Please reproduce it on a city website so we may all see it. I was unable to attend the 4oct2016 meeting and want to increase my knowledge of things discussed there.
(3) I don’t envy you council-members. In my opinion its time to make decisions on the next round of studies, but I consider the sum of the information provided to you as an “incomplete”. You need diagrams with suggestions of shoofly tracks or top down construction and at least rough estimates of time each project will probably take. Short of that it is almost impossible for you to make intelligent decisions. And we cannot afford to end up with the same conclusion as that from the 2003 study from Document 6440 dated 5june2003 entitled, “City of Menlo Park; Report to City Council on Menlo Park Grade Separation & New Station Feasibility Study.” On page 11 under the section “D. Construction Issues” in the paragraph below Figure 9 it describes an alternative very similar to the current Hybrid Alternatives, “The Split Alternative 4, may require some limits on the height of traffic able to drive under the bridge structures while they are under construction.” Our new Alternatives B and C are more complicated because the clearance is different at every intersection, so each must be calculated with care. Will we really have room for Ambulances or Fire Trucks to use these intersections during the whole construction period??

                    Respectfully submitted, Steve Van Pelt, a resident of Menlo Park.

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