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Fwd: Stanford EIR Feedback

From: domainremoved <Jennifer>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 17:33:15 -0800

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members and Others,

The deadline to submit feedback on the scope of the Stanford EIR is
*tomorrow* (February 17th). I just sent in the comment below, asking them
for a 5-mile radius/bike commute shed.

Please join me in asking that Stanford be required to consider it's
neighbors as it expands. We are all connected. In order to make our streets
safer for kids, and everyone, we all must work together.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jen Wolosin

Parents for Safe Routes
415-710-5838 <(415)%20710-5838>

Info on Stanford 2018 GUP can be found here:


Send EIR Scoping Comments by February 17, 2017 to:

David Rader

County Government Center, East Wing, 7th floor

70 W. Hedding Street

San Jose 95110


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jennifer Wolosin <jenwolosin_at_(domainremoved)
Date: Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 5:25 PM
Subject: Stanford EIR Feedback
To: david.rader_at_(domainremoved)

To Whom it May Concern:

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the scope of the Stanford EIR.
I am a resident of the City of Menlo Park and Chair of Parents for Safe
Routes (www.parents4saferoutes.org), a new Menlo Park community advocacy
group committed to getting kids to school safely. In the less than a month
since we launched, we now have over 160 concerned citizens who are united
in our mission to do everything we can to make the streets safer for kids.
The upcoming Stanford development and associated transportation impacts
directly affect the kids in our community.

As our neighbors in Palo Alto have shown us, to have a truly successful
Safe Routes to School program, a community partnership is needed. A
community partnership involves the Parents, Schools and City(ies)/County
(and other related jurisdictions) working together. We have learned through
experience that any one group alone can not be successful in truly making a
difference in Safe Routes. We are all interconnected and we all need each

As Parents for Safe Routes first "win", along with the Menlo Park Bicycle
and Transportation Commissions, we successfully lobbied the Menlo Park City
Council to make Safe Routes a priority. On February 7, 2017, the City
Council voted to add a comprehensive Safe Routes program to its 2018 Work
Plan. We are now continuing to make the rounds to the school districts and
other key stakeholders to get more buy-in on the community partnership
model. We are making great progress (last week the incoming Superintendent
of the Menlo Park City School District agreed to support a community
partnership as well!).

The timing couldn't be better for Stanford to join in the efforts to make
our streets safe, for everyone. While the campus of Stanford may seem like
an island, the regional impacts felt stretch far and wide. If Stanford
really wants to keep its single occupancy vehicle trips down in the face of
its rapid expansion, investments in biking and pedestrian infrastructure
and the creation of true, low-stress Safe Routes, will be critical. In
addition, working with neighboring jurisdictions in the spirit of
cooperation is also key.

As for specific feedback, I respectfully request the following:

   - Your transportation study should consider a 5-mile radius/bike commute
   shed and should consider the needs of bicyclists of all ages. Many Stanford
   employees live in Menlo Park and have children that attend our schools. It
   would be a huge incentive to Stanford employees to be able to bike their
   kids to school and then on to work. We suspect that in order for Stanford
   to maintain its commitment to no net new trips that bicycle investments for
   families will need to be made to enable parents who work at Stanford to
   bike to campus. It is unlikely that parents would drive their kids to
   school and then go home to get on their bikes. Five miles is a feasible
   distance to travel by bike for ordinary people without an extraordinary
   level of fitness.

   - Consider a bicycle infrastructure improvement study that lists
   projects that would be needed within 5 miles of Stanford to allow for
   low-stress biking to campus. The study should include cost estimates for
   each project. The City of Los Gatos recently completely a Safe Routes study
   through Alta (http://www.losgatosca.gov/DocumentCenter/View/17309) that
   is an example of how to look at a bicycle network in a strategic way.

   - Consider all 6 E's of Safe Routes to School in your analysis
   (Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Encouragement, Evaluation and
   Equity). While Safe Routes to School is typically thought of in the context
   of K-12 Education, a university campus can greatly benefit from analyzing
   its transportation program through the lens of Safe Routes.

The Peninsula, and the Menlo Park/Palo Alto/Stanford area is suffering
greatly from a traffic crisis. We are all struggling with collective road
rage and the frustration we feel on our streets is leading not only to
physical danger (accidents and near misses), but a mental health crisis as
well. Parents are stressed. Kids are stressed. The streets are not safe and
fewer are riding their bikes and cars because of it...so traffic gets worse
and the streets become less safe.

Stanford has done a great job in mitigating its traffic to date. It must
continue its efforts and expand them to be part of a regional solution to
our current traffic nightmare. Safe Routes is a do-able solution. We must
stop the vicious cycle of single occupancy vehicle traffic on our streets.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jen Wolosin

Parents for Safe Routes
415-710-5838 <(415)%20710-5838>
Received on Thu Feb 16 2017 - 17:36:04 PST

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