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Idea for Community Building Meeting in MP

From: domainremoved <Rachel>
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:55:50 -0800

Dear Councilmembers,

As a resident of Menlo Park, I have been thinking about how the current
political climate is affecting our communities. Like many other residents,
I've also been thinking about how, at this very local level, I can do
something to combat the negative messages emanating from the White House
and the general tone of intolerance and ignorance.

The other day, a colleague of mine told me about the Community Building
<http://www.mountainview.gov/civica/press/display.asp?layout=1&Entry=1275> held
by the Human Relations Commission in Mountain View on *February 11*. While
I was not in town to attend, I found the subject matter very compelling
(and watched some of the video!).

This event in Mountain View closely approximates what I've envisioned
happening in Menlo Park-- an affirmation of Menlo Park's commitment to
inclusion and diversity; information on city services; perhaps a statement
of support from law enforcement and city and county elected officials for
the protection of our minority neighbors, open to (and for) the public.

So I'm wondering if this is something the Council has already been
discussing. I do not know what the equivalent of the Human Relations
Commission is in Menlo Park, but I imagine there are similar conversations
going on.

If there are, I strongly encourage you to host such an event. I would
gladly assist. Since I work in San Jose, I do not have a large network in
San Mateo County. I would, however, do my best to rally my friends and
neighbors to help plan and attend the event, and I am more than happy to
reach out to elected officials or others you may want to participate, or to
Mountain View officials to learn how they organized their forum.

Thank you for your daily engagement on behalf of the residents of Menlo
Park, and for your consideration of this request. My own work at a
nonprofit in public health is a daily reminder of how much we stand to lose
if we do not assert our strong values in policy and practice here in our
tiny slice of the Bay Area, California, and the country at large.

Best wishes,

Rachel Horst
Received on Thu Feb 16 2017 - 09:59:01 PST

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